Tea With Darth & Dad Layout

Now that I’m in the groove with Project Life, I feel like I’m ready to get some other memory keeping projects done as well. Soon I’m going to start Reverse Project Life for 2011, but I’m also going to be working on some mini books that have been left unfinished or have never been started and filling in some gaps in our old 12 x 12 albums.

I’ve almost always started with a photo as a scrapbooker, and as a result some of the biggest stories and everyday bits of our lives (such as changes in likes/dislikes, jobs, school, where we lived) haven’t been given much thought. I’m going to enjoy both looking back through my photo archives to find photos I love that haven’t been scrapped, going through the blog archives to find stories I’ve missed, and reflecting on some of the big things I’d like to remember that may not be connected to any photos or posts already in existence. I’m feeling inspired again.

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Tea With Darth & Dad

I printed out these photos (see this tutorial on how to print in multiple sizes), gathered the materials I knew I wanted to use, and started moving them about. This is my process, and it’s always worked for me. But it wasn’t. What I was doing wasn’t working. What used to feel natural was now feeling busy, crowded, and unbalanced. And then it hit me: whoa, my style has changed.

And so I was stuck. So I went to my scrapbooking pinboard and found some inspiration in this page by Ali Edwards. And things started falling into place. If you’re in a rut, don’t feel like you have to be original all the time.

I started by building a the page on an 8.5 x 11 piece of kraft paper and rolled the page into my script font Cougar XL Smith Corona typewriter (it’s my favorite out of our collection). The adhered papers kept getting caught while I was typing, so next time I’ll outline the elements of a page lightly with a pencil, type the journaling, and then adhere. I love that I can fit more text on a page with a typewriter than with handwriting, but I don’t have to trial and error with printing from a computer if I want the text to make space for non-digital elements.

Tea With Darth & Dad Layout

This page is about a 2009 Tea Party Eliza had with Jake, assorted Disney Princesses, and Darth Vader. I thought that the juxtaposition of the pink tea party themed Dear Lizzy Enchanted papers and embellishments and the Star Wars paper (sourced at the bottom of the post) fit well with the funny photos of Dad and Darth Vader having imaginary tea.

Tea With Darth & Dad

Journaling | I love these photos. They say so much about our lives in 2009. Us on the sidewalk outside of our loft (we used our window as a door) on the tables actually reserved for the residents of the building next to ours (I don’t think they were too happy about that). Jake being an awesome Dad, with no reservations about having a tea party or sticking up his pinky. Eliza making sure there were plenty of guests at the party–Disney princess barbies and Darth Vader. Hah! Darth was the only guy for these ladies for a long time, but Eliza loved making families for her toys. We ended up buying her a bunch of action guys that were barbie sized. Wolverine, Spiderman, and Iron Man were all soon flighting crime and drinking tea right along with Vader. We love that Eliza doesn’t care about boy toy/ girl toy stereotypes. We also love that she uses her imagination to use toys for things other than what they were made for. What a great imagination! Photos August 2009 Journaling March 2012

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