Savory Sunday

Coming to you a day late, it’s Savory Sunday! Every week we show you what our meal plan was and what actually happened.

The Plan

Sunday | Chicken Tetrazzini (from this recipe)
Monday | Eggs in a Bowl w/ Applewood Smoked Bacon
Tuesday | Fake Mardi Gras: Jambalaya, Popcorn Shrimp, and Fried Pickles
Wednesday | Pea Risotto with Squashy Souffle
Thursday | Frozen Goodness
Friday | Out to eat (Barbecue – either Gates or Oklahoma Joe’s)
Saturday | Chicken Tikka Masala

The Reality

Sunday | Chicken Tetrazzini (from this Turkey Tetrazzini recipe)
Monday | Eggs in a Bowl w/ Applewood Smoked Bacon
Tuesday | Fake Mardi Gras: Jambalaya, Battered Shrimp, and Fried Pickles
Wednesday | Frozen Trader Joe’s Pasta
Thursday | Frozen Pizza
Friday | Out to eat barbecue at Oklahoma Joe’s
Saturday | Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tetrazzini

Sunday we had Chicken Tetrazzini. Chicken breast was actually cheaper than turkey breast at the grocery store, so we just switched out the protein and used this Turkey Tetrazzini recipe. This dish which was actually on the menu last week, but carried over because I didn’t get to it. I like to use at least one recipe with ingredients that are/can be frozen so that they won’t go bad if life throws us a curveball and the dish can’t get made the week it was planned to be made.

Jake wasn’t a fan of the mushrooms and it was a little bland (more spices and herbs next time, definitely), but it otherwise went over very well.

Eggs in a Bowl


Monday we had Eggs in a Bowl, one of Jake’s signature dishes (which all seem to be breakfast food). Eggs in a bowl is delicious but is not the most health beneficial of dishes, so we try to only have it every once in awhile. It’s super simple: a few soft boiled eggs (boil for exactly 6 minutes), a bit of salt and pepper, and a lot of butter. Chop chop chop. Serve on toast. So so good. We served it with bacon and fresh fruit.

Tip: cut strips of bacon in half before cooking them; they’ll shrink less and you’ll feel like you’re eating more.


Battered Shrimp

Fried Pickles

Tuesday we had fake Mardi Gras. I LOVE Mardi Gras, so I couldn’t believe that I missed the actual day! I really couldn’t believe that Eliza didn’t remind me; I thought they’d do something about it at her school for sure (she goes to a full immersion French school). Maybe they skipped it because it’s technically a religious holiday (which is weird to think about, because the thing I associate with Mardi Gras directly after creole food and gold, green, and purple is boobs).

Anyway, I decided to invite my family over for dinner to celebrate a week late with Jambalaya (a few boxes of Zatarain’s cheesy jambalaya, Trader Joe’s chicken andouille sausage, and chicken), Battered Shrimp (also boxed, because it ended up being about a third the cost as fresh shrimp + batter would have been), fried pickles (bread and butter flat sandwich pickles + tempura batter) and apple pie, because I don’t like King’s Cake.

Very important tip: When making multiple boxes of rice at once, use the full amount of liquid listed on the first box and half the liquid amount for any subsequent boxes. For example, if one box of rice calls for 1 1/2 cup of liquid, then I’ll use 2 1/4 cups of liquid if I’m making two boxes (1 1/2 cup for box one and half that amount, 3/4 cup, for box two). If I were making three boxes, I’d use 3 cups of liquid (1 1/2 cup + 3/4 cup + 3/4 cup). And you thought you’d never use fractions.

Wednesday I was planning on Pea Risotto with Squashy Souffle, which takes forever, but Jake ended up going to fix my Great-Grandpa’s printer and wasn’t home for dinner. So I pushed the risotto to next week and broke out the frozen food instead. I was too busy moving around beds to cook anyway. We had Trader Joe’s chicken fettuccine alfredo and a salmon asparagus pasta in a lemon butter sauce. I made both so that there would be Jonas lunch leftovers and so that there would be something to fall back on in case the kids didn’t like the salmon one. They actually liked it more than the fettuccine! Go kids.

Thursday We had frozen pizza, because we were busy making sure everything was ready for Jessica and her posse to come to town.

Friday my best friend Jessica came into town, which meant that this weekend’s menu was a combination of best of Kansas City and best of Megan’s kitchen. She looked on the blog for homecooking menu choices. Love that.


Lunch was a pizza from d’Bronx, which is our favorite neighborhood pizza. New York style is the best.


Oklahoma Joe's

For dinner we went to get Barbecue with Jessica and her friends from Denver, Steph and Jackii, at Oklahoma Joe’s. You can’t come to Kansas City and not eat barbecue.

I didn’t used to understand the big deal about KC barbecue because I’ve grown up with it; it’s delicious, but we don’t eat it very often because it’s not exactly high on the “things you should eat often” scale. Then I had barbecue in Chicago and San Francisco. Oh. Well that explained everything. Barbecue other places is super gross. (Of course, it’s good in the South as well according to Food Network, but I can’t speak to that from personal experience).

Anywho, Oklahoma Joe’s is one of our favorite barbecue places in Kansas City. It’s funny to us that it’s in Kansas City, called Oklahoma, and has Carolina style sauce. Regional worries aside, it’s delicious. President Obama went there the last time he was in town, so I don’t have to tell you it’s famous. Best part: it’s in a gas station. Hah! Don’t let that fool you, the line will literally be out of the door if you go during dinner time.

Jake and Eliza shared a Z-man, a sandwich with brisket and smoked provolone with two onion rings on a kaiser bun. With an order of fries, sharing is no issue: the portions are ginormous. The Z-man is our go-to and usually is what I get too, but I decided to branch out. Jessica and I got the Ribs and One Meat Dinner. That consisted of 3 ribs, pork, spicy cole slaw, and a few pieces of toasted bread. We also got a side of fries. All in all, we fed 4 people for under 30 bucks total! Which is pretty sweet. I think Steph and Jackii got Z-mans too.

P.S. How could I not love that their sauce competition team is called Slaughterhouse Five?

Chicken Tikka Masala

Saturday, as you’ll see in the weekend recap that I post later, was super crazy.

Jake, the kids, and I had breakfast and lunch at home, but the girls went out while all of us went to the dentist (we all had appointments except for Jonas). We sent the girls to City Diner for brunch. Best biscuits and gravy ever.

I made my famous Chicken Tikka Masala for what ended up being about 15 people. We also had fresh veggies, roasted cauliflower (toss in olive oil with sale and pepper and bake at 375 for 12 minutes), salad (romaine, feta, cucumber, carrot), hummus and pita from Jerusalem Bakery and lentil soup from Jerusalem Cafe (both places are on the same road a mile apart and share owners). It was crazy and epic, let me tell you.

Next week’s looking just as good as last week! Jessica picked the first few, I picked easy things for the rest of the week. After cooking two giant dinners for tons of people, I wanted to have small effort dinners the rest of the week.

The Plan

Sunday | Creamy Chicken Apple Chili
Monday | Sage Rubbed Pork w/ Warm Apple Slaw (lunch), leftovers (dinner)
Tuesday | Pea Risotto with Squashy Souffle
Wednesday | Salads
Thursday | Spagetti
Friday | Frozen
Saturday | Ham and Pea Frittata (From this cookbook)

Lunches and Other Goodies | stir-fry brussels sprouts (which I talk about here), Strawberry Spin Salad with Homemade Mission Valley Dressing (can’t stop eating this)

Yum! What have you been eating lately?