Megan & Jake

Yesterday, we took a break from St. Patty’s Day festivities after the parade and decided to do a little impromptu photo shoot with our friend Tiffany. Jake was teaching her some tricks, and she took the photo above.


We didn’t get very many pictures of Jake– he’s very difficult as a model. And bossy about how I take pictures (he’s WAAAAY better at photography than I am). I am happy to have gotten in that Dropkick Murphys jersey though. One of us has worn that on St. Patrick’s Day since ’06.


We enjoyed the random flowers that have popped up in our backyard. Our redbud tree is starting to bloom too!


Jake got a few good one of me. He makes me feel pretty.


Mostly we took a lot of pictures of Tiffany, who is generally uncomfortable in front of the camera. When a subject is uncomfortable, we find it useful to get them talking (and laughing) so it doesn’t seem like the whole purpose of what we’re doing is to take pictures. That can be awkward and make people feel self-concious, which shows in the photos. If it just feels like you’re having a conversation and happen to also be taking photos, the quality will be much improved.


It’s also fun to switch backgrounds several times. We choose backgrounds with a lot of texture that aren’t too distracting. You don’t have to go far to find a nice background–all of these photos were taken in our backyard!


Doesn’t she look so pretty?


We finished up the afternoon by hanging out on our porch, enjoying the breeze and the funny drunk people walking around. Tiffany and I had lunch at Jerusalem Bakery, which she liked as much as Jake and I do. Tiffany’s boyfriend Bert came to meet us and we all headed to Jake’s big family party (which was a blast). We came back here to laze about a bit after the party, and our friend Matt came over after Tiff & Bert left. Matt and Jake did a bunch of walking around the neighborhood, people watching (which I’m sure was interesting, as one of the most popular Irish bars in Kansas City is in our neighborhood).

How did you spend your St. Patrick’s Day?