Get ready to be challenged!

Monthly Project Challenge

On the first of every month, we post a challenge for ourselves and you! At the end of the month, in theory, we’ll post our completed projects (Jake and I are both doing one) and will have a link-up for you to share yours! The projects can be interpreted in any way you want. Interpret our challenge to do a project in crafts, photography, creative writing, home decor, technical gadgetry, cooking, or whatever you can come up with.

This month’s challenge kind of goes with our last One Step at a Time post, which was about our current goal of cutting back financially. One of the benefits of cutting back is getting to move forward with the things you really want to do!

March's Project Challenge

We challenge you to scrounge up enough money to buy supplies for a project you’ve been wanting to do, but haven’t been able to afford. This might take you more than a month, and that’s okay. There’s no timetable for awesomeness.

For this challenge, I picked to save up for fabric to use to make curtains for our office window. This is the biggest window in the house (our office is meant to be a living room). I started off with this halfway made curtain:

Handmade Window Curtain

It’s halfway done; I was going to sew a rod in the bottom so it could be rolled up.

Handmade Window Curtain

Anyway, it’s not really working for me. It makes the room look smaller (this window really needs to have curtains that open up horizontally and go down to the floor). Also, you can see the curtain on the front door and this window, so two busy patterns are really too much. (Don’t worry, I’m not wasting the fabric the current curtains are made out of; they’ll be repurposed for something for the master bedroom).

Handmade Window Curtain

The curtains I have in mind are inspired by this quilt by Elise Blaha. I’m thinking shades of black, white, and gray. I’m thinking long, skinny rectangles arranged in a brick-like pattern. Neutral, simple, but still a statement.

Just for fun, here’s some photos of the door curtain I made. The one that’s clashing with the window curtain. There’ll be a tutorial on how to make this door curtain later this month!

Handmade Front Door Curtain

Handmade Front Door Curtain

Jake is using this month’s challenge to buy the extensions and brushes we need to clean the outside of the house. I don’t know whose brilliant idea it was to put white siding on a house in the city by a busy busy road, but we’re not about to pay a bazillion dollars to replace it with an ideal steely blue. It does need a big scrubbing, which will make a huge difference. Here’s to no more dingy Holly House!

Holly House!

Ideas on how to participate:

1) Find out exactly how much the supplies for your project.

2) Figure out where you can cut back to save for your supplies. Have coffee/ lunch/ diner at home more and out less, buy less expensive brands, buy used instead of new, fix something instead of buying a replacement, make something from scratch that you would normally buy, etc. You can also raise money to buy supplies by selling things you don’t need in a garage sale, or online. You’d be surprised how much you can make on Ebay and Craigslist!

3) Keep track of what you save and earn. Buy the store brand of coffee instead of the fancy stuff? Calculate the difference and write it down. Keep a running total so you know when you’ve reached your goal!

What are you going to save for?