Light Graffiti

We blogged about light graffiti about a million years ago. We’ve still yet to do a big light graffiti art piece ($$$), but there are simple and cheap versions we can do.

Writing your name in lights is super easy.

All you need is a camera that has a manual mode, a tripod, darkness, and a laser pointer (you could even do it with a flashlight!).

Set up your camera on the tripod. Slow your shutter down to 30 seconds (this means that the shutter will be open for 30 seconds). Increase your aperture. This compensates for the slow shutter speed, so that you don’t capture too much light.

Now draw with the laser while your shutter is open. Voila! Light art!

P.S. Jake (and the cats) love this green laser pointer. He can even point out stars with it!