Megan, Jessica, and Harvey

This concludes the Jessica weekend recap! Sunday we had plans to go out again, but we were so exhausted from Saturday to actually do anything. Jackii and Steph headed back to Denver via car, but Jessica had to go to Baltimore for work, so she was able to stay an extra day and catch a flight on Monday.

Sunday we ate leftovers, still had friends coming in and out, had coffee at the Filling Station, stopped by Half Price Books (like I need more books, right?). Jessica and I literally spent Sunday night watching TV and snuggling. It was nice to just get to spend time together after the whirlwind of crazy events and people the two days before.

Monday was also relaxed. I took Jake to work so I could have the car to take Jessica to the airport, we snuggled and chased Jonas, and we had brunch with Harvey. It was so depressing to drop her off at the airport. I just have to tell myself that there will be another visit soon, and that technology will fill in the gaps meanwhile.