Jessica, Harvey, and Megan

Saturday morning was really chill as we recouped from Friday. Jessica, Jackii, and Steph (who were in town from Denver) went to have breakfast at our favorite diner, City Diner and went to the boats. (In Missouri, there’s a weird law that the casinos have to be on the river. So they’re all built near the river with a moat of river water surrounding them. LOL.) All the nerds in the nest went to the dentist meanwhile.

We has all sorts of designs for Saturday, including going to the Nelson and the Make Out Club art show in the River Market, but those plans were shattered when our small dinner for 8 turned into a big party for 15. (*I talk about our dinner in last week’s Savory Sunday post). Everyone found out that Jessica was going to be there, and it sort of just snowballed. It was so amazing to have all of our best friends in one place at one time!









Tiffany and Matt

Steve and Michelle


Meg and Steph

We ate and ate and ate and they drank and drank (Jake and I don’t drink, but we went crazier with the Coke and Dr. Pepper than we normally would). We listened to music and talked and laughed. At times I just looked around and my heart swelled. Our friends are very spread out, so to have them all in one room is tear-jerking amazing.

(The rest of these photos are from Steph.)


Steph and Eliza

Steph and Eliza look like they could be sisters!

Eliza and Steph

Megan, Jessica, and Steph

Jessica and Harvey


Jessica, Tiffany, and Harvey

Steph and Jessica

Jessica, Jackii, and Paul


Steph, Jessica, and Jackii

The kids went to bed at around 8, and we sent my mom home (she was going to watch the kids if we went out). However, Harvey got everyone excited to go bar hopping in Westport Square at around midnight, so I stayed at home with the sleeping babes and Jake and the gang walked to the bars. It was my turn to stay in because I went out while Jake stayed home Friday, but I was thankful to get to rest, honestly. Cooking a big meal for that many people is exhausting.

Michelle, Steve, Jessica, and Kurt

Michelle, Steve, Harvey, and Paul

Matt and Tiffany

Steph and Jake

Half of the bar pictures weren’t appropriate for the blog. Hah! Everyone walked back and either crashed or was driven home by a sober driver and we slumber partied it out until falling into a deep, exhausted sleep.

Best. Day. Ever.