Jonas and Jackii

I know you’ve all been on the edge of your seats waiting to see what we did this weekend after I told you the itinerary in the Jessica’s Here! post. Get ready to hear about the best weekend ever.

It sucks that my best friend Jessica lives in Denver and I live in Kansas City, but I’m thankful that we’re only a day’s worth of road trip apart. This makes it feasable for us to visit each other at least a few times a year. Jessica and her two besties from Denver, Jackii and Steph, arrived Friday morning to launch Jessica’s birthday weekend. I already recapped Friday morning, so here’s Friday afternoon on:

Jonas and Eliza loved the extra attention that comes from having a house full of people. I don’t think Jonas’s feet touched the floor all day. He was especially taken with Jackii.


We went to Oklahoma Joe’s for dinner (which we talk about here). Eliza is displaying the menu. I love that she’s extra fancy. All the girls were getting ready and putting on make-up, so she needed lip gloss and accessories.

Jonas and Jake

I think that every single picture of Jake and Jonas looks pretty much exactly like this. Jonas was really good at OJ’s, even thought the wait was really long. He approved of the barbecue.

Steph and Jonas

Steph was a big hit with the kids too. Jonas and Eliza pretty much steered clear of Jake and I all day, soaking up attention from the girls. Steph even read to them.


After dinner, Jake and the kids went back to our house while Jessica, Steph, Jackii, and I headed to the Crossroads for First Fridays (a monthly art walk). It was pretty cold out, so it wasn’t as crowed as usual. There are usually parties in the streets (especially 18th street between Baltimore and Wyandotte), but this time around there were only a few food cars and street performers for entertainment.

JT with Self Portraits

The main event at First Fridays was going to see JT Daniels’s first show in a big gallery. Jake and I know JT through our friend Steve and have always been in love with his work. There will be a JT original in this house eventually. When we, you know, actually have money. Here is JT between two of his self portraits.


We went to a few more shops and galleries (I want pretty much everything in Hammerpress), watched a mediocre magician, a good guitar player accompanied by a terrible dancer, and had trouble finding a public restroom. I was sad to find out that Arts Incubator, a non-profit gallery that housed tons of artist spaces for artists that can’t afford studies and my favorite place to see art in the crossroads, is still closed. It closed last summer because the building was condemned. I thought it would be back open buy now. Sad face. We also didn’t make it to some of my other favorite galleries in time because we got to a slow start.


We had a blast playing with the megaphone things that are at about Baltimore and 22nd. You stand far apart and point the megaphones at each other, and you can hear the slightest whisper. It’s a good way to add a little goof into a night of sounding pretentious looking at art.


After the galleries closed we all headed back to my house to get ready to go to bars in Westport (my neighborhood). The girls originally wanted to go to Power and Light, but thank goodness they talked themselves out of that. Cover charges. Ugh. I spilled something on my shirt, so I had to change. Jessica tried to fancy me up, and I ended up in something cozy instead after about 12 outfit changes. Hah! Girly doesn’t work for me. I did wear a bit of make-up, though, which is super rare.

Jessica, Megan, Jackii, and Steph

We went to a few local bars, scored free tickets to what ended up being an amateur dub-stepesque techno show at the Beaumont, which was good for people watching if nothing else, and I got a lot of free Cokes. (I don’t drink, but if you pretend you’re going to pay for pop in bars they usually give you it for free because they assume you’re a designated driver; even though we’ve walked most of the time).

Jessica, Megan, and Jackii

It was fun to have a night out with girls (most of my friends in Kansas City are guys). But let me tell you, Saturday was even better. Say tuned!

Megan and Jessica