DIY Typography Art

Last year on our anniversary, we shared a DIY Typography Tutorial. The resulting art was supposed to be one of two, but it took me all year to get to the above sister piece. Hah!

The messages on the art are our love notes to each other. The above “I love you more than all the gizmos and gadgets in the whole wide world” is Jake’s message to me. The below “I love you more than all of the books in the whole wide world” is my message to Jake. I know. We’re disgustingly adorable.

*I know I spelled typography wrong in the picture. I’m rolling with it anyway.

DIY Typeography Art Finished

I felt stuck after making the original piece, but this month I used the February Challenge mindset to get over the hump. The original idea was to have one of the pieces say “I Looked” and the other say “I Found” with letters that were grey instead of white. But after a year of trying to explain to people why some of the letters were grey (“Is that supposed to spell something?”) and trying to figure out how to make Jake’s quote say “I Found”, I changed directions.

I decided to just go white letters on the colored background and abandon the whole “I Looked” “I Found” thing. I also decided to clean up the look of the original, which I loved messy at first. Adding the steps of painting in the letters white and putting a few more coats on the background took the DIY project from something that took about an hour each to something that took 3+ hours. Whew.

DIY Typography Art

I started cleaning up the teal one on Valentine’s Day and finished up the pink one last night. It’s hard to get side projects done around here, but I find that if I chip away at it a bit every few days, I CAN get it done.

I love projects like this, because they’re easy to work on when our friends come over. I’m crazy and HAVE to be doing things with my hands. This is something that requires little movement and attention, so can be created in a social environment. Knitting is high on the social crafting scale as well.

DIY Typography Art

The pink one took WAY longer than the teal one because of the type of paint I used. I used house paint on the teal one, but used mostly dried up acrylic on the pink one. Because I had to water the paint down a bit, it took so so so many coats. The white also took a ton of coats, because I only had white t-shirt paint. I just rolled with it instead of buying new paint, but it probably cost me a lot of time.

They still look a bit messy, which is fine with me.

DIY Typography Art

The original plan was to hang these in our bedroom, but we’ve decided to put them in our office instead. Our desks face each other, so we’re going to hang Jake’s message behind him so I can see it and vice versa. Maybe that will cut down the bickering when we work together 😉

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