Project Life 2012 | Week 8

Welcome to Week 8 of Project Life! Two months in and I think this is my favorite project – ever.

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Project Life 2012 | Week 8

This week there was a lot of accepting and moving on. I accepted that I only had photos of two days – Sunday and Saturday. I accepted that most of those photos were not of our nuclear family. I accepted that my printer ran out of blue ink. I used the funky colored photo it gave, printed the rest in black and white to find that they all printed with a weird almost sepia tinted pink hue, and ran with it. I also challenged myself to make things simpler this week: no insert, no patterned papers, minimal embellishments. It’s all very go with the flow, and I still love it. Voila.

Project Life 2012 | Week 8

Last week’s Project Life used a 12×12 layout on the right, so I just used the back of that double sided paper for the left side of this week. No time wasted searching through my stash! I wanted to get a ton of photos on the page, so I mimicked the placement of the pockets I used on the right for this week. This is a good trick if you want to do Project Life type pages without going out and buying Project Life supplies – just lay out the elements on cardstock or patterned paper as you would if you had a pocketed page protector and adhere.

This page focuses on Sunday. We went to visit three different sets of family members! Whew, that was crazy. I love that we got photos of our extended family in here; it’s harder to remember to take as many photos when we’re out and about or around people not used to being constantly photographed. I also need to remember that not everyone likes to be photographed. And that’s okay. Not everybody gets my obsessive need to document. I need to work on better camera etiquette with family members – I’m quickly becoming the crazy annoying Aunt that shoves a camera in everyone’s faces at parties. Words are just as powerful documentation tool.

On this page from left to right and top to bottom: Eliza, my mom, Jake and Jonas, Jake, Poppy, my great-grandpa Legg, my step-mom, and my dad.

Project Life 2012 | Week 8

On the right hand side I challenged myself to use only white cardstock. I also challenged myself to break out my stamps, one of my least used tools. I have tons of cool stamps that have never been used – that needs to change. I took the color scheme from the “special birthday” rub-ons in the upper left hand corner and stamped away. Stamped stuff on this page: two toned “you rock” title, dot background (used two colors, overlapped the stamps), dotted lines on the bottom left, word “big” bottom center, and a graph background bottom right. I love that doing this gave me a ton of room to journal, but still brought in some much needed color. I colored in the negative spaces in the word “big” to make the word pop.

This page goes over three things: Jake’s brother Corbin’s birthday part, Jonas’s fever days, and Eliza’s “big questions”. I love that I got so many words in this week!

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Project Life 2012 | Week 8 Supplies

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Project Life is a memory keeping concept created by Becky Higgins.