It’s a snow day around here! I E’s school called (with an automated message) in the wee hours this morning to let us know that school was out! The snow’s not bad, but we haven’t really had any all year. I think they were just giving the kids a chance to play in it (schools in Kansas City reserve a few days out of the year for the inevitable snow days and calculate that into the length of the school year, but we’ve had an unseasonably warm winter). The first snow day of the year beats out a V Day playlist, no question.

Snow Day!

Jake and I had fun with this playlist – it’s not just songs about snow and winter, but also has artists with Snow in their names (Snow Patrol, Miike Snow) and a couple of songs about cocaine (Because “snow” is slang for cocaine. Aren’t we clever?). We didn’t just throw songs in because they fit the theme, we promise. They’re all good.

Snow Day by Megan Anderson on Grooveshark

I can’t wait until Jonas wakes up from his nap – we’re going to bundle up like crazy and slosh around a bit before the snow turns into slush.

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Old playlists we’ve fixed this week (we’re switching all our past playlists from to Grooveshark): November Songs, Happy Songs, and Rainy Day.

What have you been listening to lately?