This little dude is giving me a run for my money.


At almost 14 months, he is doing full swing crazy toddler things that I certainly don’t remember Eliza doing until she was at least two. I’ve mentioned before that Jonas is a climber. It’s his very favorite pastime. He took it to new heights yesterday, however.

Firstly, he climbed a normal sized chair (which I didn’t know he could do) onto a card table and opened a can of paint (which I also didn’t know he could do) and proceeded to eat the paint. I was washing dishes in the adjacent room. When he’s quiet, I’m suspicious, so I peak in on him every few minutes. The paint eating happened in under two minutes. I rushed him upstairs and got in the shower with him, flushed his mouth (he only got one handful, thank God, and didn’t seem to swallow any) and de-painted him. I put him down for a nap and then proceeded to guilt myself as I cleaned up the paint, which, of course, was everywhere. I then stopped guilting myself, because there’s no way I could have known that he could get to the paint. And there’s no way I can see him every second of the day. Self, we’ll just have to baby proof better.

Then he got crazy again while I was making dinner. He pushed a Jonas sized chair to a large speaker, climbed from the chair to the speaker, and got onto the table (standing) under our TV (which is mounted on the wall). He then proceeded to smear his grubby little hands all over the screen, not worried at all about being four feet above the ground. This kid has no fear. Again, this happened in under two minutes. Eliza was playing with him, and he was sneaky so she wouldn’t notice what he was up to.

There’s going to be an emergency room visit before 18 months, I’m calling it.