Yesterday Eliza, my sister Taylor, and I had a girl’s day out. We went to the Crown Center Ice Terrace to go ice skating. It was Eliza’s first time out, so that made things super interesting (and exhausting). I forgot that ice skating is so much exercise. Multiply that times a thousand when you’re trying to make sure a 6 year old doesn’t fall.

Ice Skating

Jake was worried I’d fall on our camera, so I had to make due with phone photos. It was a little rainy and chilly out, but didn’t feel like winter at all. That made it so much more enjoyable – we weren’t freezing our bums off the whole time. The skating rink is outside in the middle of the city, in the shadow of tall buildings housing fancy restaurants and hotels. How fun is that?

Ice Skating

Eliza clung to the walls of the rink at first. She gradually felt comfortable away from the wall, as long as she was between Taylor and I. But when she fell for the first time, she thought she was done. She benched herself. She was scared to go back out. Eliza sat out a minute with Taylor while I did a couple of laps, then Tay and I traded positions. Eliza still didn’t want to go back out. My solution? I started dancing like an idiot to the music they were playing. Very obviously, sort of obnoxiously.

“Would you rather skate or have me continue to dance in this embarrassing manner?” I asked, arms flailing and booty shaking.

A smile broke out over Eliza’s previously grumpy face.

I kept dancing. “What if some of your friends from school come ice skating? And see THIS! Wouldn’t that be mortifying?”

“Okay, okay!” Eliza conceded.

I kept dancing until she had both skates on the ice.


Ice Skating

We had a blast the rest of the time and kept on skating until our fingers got a little numb.

Ice Skating

Hooray for girl’s days! What fun things have you been doing lately?