I started my first quilt in 2009 and it is finally finished and on my bed. How’s that for turnaround time?

First Quilt

It’s not how it sounds; this didn’t take almost three years to make. Rather, I made the quilt top in a weekend on a quilting retreat with my mom (she held my hand the whole time) in ’09 and it sat about waiting for a border forever.

The border was completed in a day as well, just not on a day close to the top making weekend. 😉 This step was also completed with a lot of mom hand holding.

Then my mom had it for a long time as it waited to get sent to the quilter’s. (For those of you not familiar with quilting, it takes a big fancy machine to sew the layers of a large quilt together, so you have to send the fabric you’ve priced together along with batting and a bottom layer of fabric to a quilter’s.) Then my quilt was at the quilter’s for a long time in their queue. It finally came back to me last October, all lovely and quilted.

Mom came and taught me how to do the binding on New Year’s. I machine sewed one side of the binding and then spent a lot of January curled up hand sewing the other side whilst watching movies or chatting with friends.

First Quilt

It’s so nice to be done and have it hanging out on the end of our bed!

First Quilt

Details on the quilt: The pattern for the quilt is Yellow Brick Road, which is simple and perfect for beginners. It’s all rectangles. I like that the pattern is simple; especially because the fabric is busy.

The fabric is all Amy Butler and was purchased at an awesome local Kansas City craft store, Urban Arts & Crafts (I talk about how much we love the store here).

First Quilt

I love how this turned out so much. It’s perfect for us and will be a jumping off point to finally get our room decorated.

I’m getting excited to sew more, but I don’t think I’ll be quilting again any time soon. My mom’s making quilts for both the kids, and a family should only have so many blankets.

I’m working on curtains for Jonas right now (which will be very similar to the ones I made for Eliza) and the much awaited ruffle tutorial will accompany the curtains post. No promises as to when that will be done, though. Could be tomorrow, could be mid-March! It’s tricky, trying to fit crafting time into this crazy life o’ mine.

What have you been making lately?

First Quilt

We’ll be back later tonight with this week’s installment of Savory Sunday!