This week, our camera lens broke. For us, this is a big deal. It’s treated with about the same importance as if our hot water heater had broken.

Our camera is a big part of our lives. We use it to take photos for our Etsy shop. we use it for to document the daily lives of our family, I use it to blog about craft projects, Jake uses it to experiment with cool photography techniques. We probably average at least 20-30 photos a day.

M & J

Good thing we’d already been saving up for a new lens. When our current lens (a Canon EF-S 17-85mm we bought used) on our Canon Digital Rebel XTi started to display an error message, Jake researched the hell out of the issue. And after trying a few tricks, he declared it dead. We can get it fixed for under $150.00, but as we were only $50.00 in our new lens fund, we decided to go ahead and buy the lens we’ve been saving for: the Canon EF 50mm.

I’m super excited about the new lens, but a week without our good camera seems daunting.

But I’m going to look at it as a blessing. Instead of photographing every new item we make for the shop, we’re going to focus our energy on getting ready for the MOC Arts and Crafts Bazaar that we’re participating in this weekend. Instead of photographing and blogging about craft projects, I’m going to get a ton of them done. I’m going to challenge myself to be word focused for this week of Project Life (though I’ll throw in some camera phone photos too). Instead of blogging Eliza’s reads with photos and a typed interview, I’ll have her do a vlog post for you. We’re going to make it work. But it’s going to be a long week.