Let me tell you, it is amazing to have a camera again. As we said before, our lens broke last week and we’ve been waiting for the new one with great anticipation.

Last year’s 365 Project got us in such a habit of taking photos that I didn’t realize how big a part of our lives our camera really is. Eliza would do something cool or see something cool and would say, “Hey guys – take a picture!” Even the little bit is trained. We took a lot of photos with our phones over the past week, but we’re happy to have some quality photo ops again.

The new lens is so much better too. One of the best things about the lens is its ability to take photos in low light. All of these were taken indoors at night or early morning with no natural lighting.

Jake will be more technical about why the lens is awesome later. But for now, see for yourself!

Jake (Self Portrait)

Jake’s Self Portrait in our bathroom mirror.



Our awesome big snuggle kitty, Charcoal.

Hand Carved Stamp

Hand carved stamp I designed for a top secret new Nerd Nest product. We’ve been busy getting ready for the MOC DIY Arts and Crafts Bazaar this Friday.

Hand Carved Stamp

Test print.

Jake took a ton of photos this morning before he went to work to get it out of his system. He wanted to take the camera to work with him, but I won it for the day – hah! (These are after Eliza got on the bus, that’s why she’s not in the photos.)

Good Morning!

Don’t judge my just-woke-up hair.

Megan <3 Jonas

Megan <3 Jonas

Megan <3 Jonas

Jonas the Bonus

Don't Go to Work, Dad!

My photo isn’t as good. I haven’t got to get to play with the lens very much; Jake’s been a camera hog. I’ll get in a ton of shots while he’s gone 🙂

We spent the morning dancing to this. Let me tell you, goofy dancing with Jake and Jonas is a great was to start a day.

Plus, the video is super inspiring. Related note: bet you didn’t know that I painted Jake for a project in high school. I’ll have to dig up those pictures. I’ll share them so long as I can convince him to let me put photos than include his nipple on the Interwebs.