Ornament a Day 2011

We didn’t quite have time to post about all of the ornaments Eliza made in December, but we wanted to photo all of them before all the Christmas stuff around here gets boxed. (Eliza’s ornaments have their own boxes, by year).

Eliza's Ornament a Day: Day 18

This year we didn’t make an ornament every day up until Christmas. Some days we made two (or three) ornaments to fill in the gaps and we made the last two after Christmas. That’s totally cool; the result is the same. We have 25 awesome ornaments made by little E.B., and we got to spend awesome quality family time making them. The latter is my favorite part of this project. It makes us take time out of each day during the super hectic season and just focus on Eliza.

Ornament a Day 2011

This year’s ornaments were a combination of ideas from this Pinterest board, kits from Target (which were big in 2010 too), stuff brought home from school/Spanish class (which was cheating, a little), and ideas Jake and I came up with using stuff we had around the house.

Eliza says that you should try this project with your kids next year! She also wants you to know which ornament is her favorite: the reindeer made from her traced hand (bottom right).