December Daily 2011

This concludes the crazy 24 hours of a ridiculous number of December Daily posts.

Firstly, here’s the end of the book:

DD last

The last page has all of Eliza’s ornaments from her Ornament a Day.

December Daily 2011

I ended up loving this book, but obviously the project needs to go on a diet next year so that the 2012 version doesn’t end up 3 and a half inches tall. This year my approach was pretty comprehensive: I wanted a really good picture of what we did each day. This was in response to my December Daily 2010, which I love, but didn’t go very in-depth. In 2010 I pre-made all of the pages in various sizes, and I didn’t like being confined to tiny pages on days that ended up having big stories. For 2011, I made the book as I went. I picked out some pages and supplies and kept them all together and chose the base pages after I knew how many photos I had. Next year I need some sort of balance between the two so the album can be done faster and be flexible at the same time.

Good thing I have all year to brainstorm.

December Daily 2011

And in case you missed them or want to read them start to finish, here are all of the posts in order:

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I hoped you loved reading my December Daily album! Next up: Project Life.