December Daily 2011 Days 12 & 13

Today is officially December Daily recap day. And each day in the album that hasn’t been posted yet gets its own blog post. It’s going to be ridiculous. Ready, set, go.

This spread has Day 12 and Day 13, so I’m posting them together.

December Daily 2011 Days 12 & 13

The journaling for Day 12 reads:

“Today Poppy came over to help with Jonas so I could work. I made vintage scrapbooks (custom) and we listened to Kris Kristofferson on Pandora. I had to go to work at UMKC for my last night (though I didn’t know that at the time).”

December Daily 2011 Days 12 & 13

The journaling for Day 13 reads:

“Jonas & I restocked (walked – in the rain!) and had lunch at First Watch. Mmmmm. Jake learned that he’s going to have to work some 12 days, so I cut my 2 weeks at UMKC short We had pizza for dinner, then I went to Trader Joe’s (finally – groceries!) and Target for some more Christmas shopping.”

December Daily 2011 Days 12 & 13

Both of these pages have hidden journaling to keep the designs simple.

DD 12-1

The photos for Day 12 are everyday photos; I love that this project reminds me to take photos even when there’s not an “event” going on. Latte + Eliza getting ready to go to bed.

DD 12-2

The journaling card is hidden inside the envelope, which is layered behind the other elements.

DD 13-1

The star strip is from a Trader Joe’s paper bag. Keep an eye out for cool patterns – you can find them anywhere!

DD 13-2

The photo of Jonas is glued on a card holder, and the journaling is on a tag slipped into the holder. I might add to this page a little more later – there was a piece of paper taped around the silverware when Jonas and I went to lunch that said “I love you more than bacon”. I really want to add it, but I have no idea where I put it. I need to get organized. Seriously.

DD 13-3

That’s Days 12 & 13.

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