December Daily 2011 Day 5

Okay, so I know most of you are totally over December and ready to move on with 2012. I recommend those of you ignore the blog for the next 24 hours, because today is officially December Daily recap day. And each day in the album that hasn’t been posted yet gets its own blog post. It’s going to be ridiculous. Ready, set, go.

December Daily 2011 Day 5

Day 5 documented what was probably the most stressful day in December for me. The journaling, which I wrote each night on address labels even though I didn’t scrap daily, reads:

“Today started off crazy! Jake and e slept through the alarm & E missed the bus. I had to take Jake to work os I could have the car (after going to bed at 3:00 A.M. b/c of my night job); we had to take E to school then Jake to work (he ws an hour late, so he worked an extra hour). Jonas & I came back home, took a nap, went to Jake’s work to have lunch with him, and then spend 1 hour & 15 minutes in post office hell (Jonas was sleepy and I had 6 international orders). Nick, Krista, & Granny-ma came over for the last of Nick’s stuff (well, almost the last). Poppy & Bev took Eliza to the plaza to see the lights and have dinner while Jonas & I went to pick up Jake. Then dinner & work. Exhausting day. “

December Daily 2011 Day 5 | 1

The left page has a cute photo of Jonas in our favorite coffeeshop (that half hour got me through the rest of the day for sure). Super simple. Patterned paper + address label journaling + one photo.

December Daily 2011 Day 5 | 2

The middle page is a clear acrylic scalloped page I cut in half. Each element is carfully lined up with an element on the opposite side of the page.

December Daily 2011 Day 5 | 3

I used a sticker and part of a customs form from the post office on the back of the middle page.

December Daily 2011 Day 5 | 4

For the right page, I printed off a photo collage including a large “5” that fit on the page I was using, rounded to corners, and jazzed it up with a few stickers.

And that’s Day 5.

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