December Daily 2011 Day 24

Today is officially December Daily recap day. And each day in the album that hasn’t been posted yet gets its own blog post. It’s going to be ridiculous. Ready, set, go.

DD 24-1

The journaling for Day 24 reads:

“Today was crazy! We woke up & made cookies & packed gifts for the day (we were late with wrapping this year). We made stuffed mushrooms too. We went to Grandpa Ray’s new home and had a great party with my family. We had appetizers & the kids exchanged gifts. Then we went to my Dad’s to hang out. We gave him snicker doodles (his favorite) & played video games & watched Dr. Horrible. Then Brad came over! Last we went to Jake’s Dad & Rita’s. We hung out w/ the Ayala side, then opened gifts w/ the Andersons super late We didn’t leave until midnight.”

DD 24-2

That’s Day 24.

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