Today is officially December Daily recap day. And each day in the album that hasn’t been posted yet gets its own blog post. It’s going to be ridiculous. Ready, set, go.

*Note: some of the faces for Day 14 were blurred in Photoshop (we try not to post photos of non-family members without permission).

December Daily | Day 14

Most of Day 14 focused on Eliza’s Winter Program at school. The first page spread has Eliza and are fancy outfit and her best friend, N.

December Daily | Day 14

The next spread is the journaling and the program.

The journaling for Day 14 reads:

“Today Jake had to go into work early. Elia had book-in-the-bag day at school. Jonas was cranky and slept a lot I got out 22 orders. Eliza had her very first Winter Holiday program. I had to restock AGAIN and went to Office Max for more tape & ink.”

December Daily | Day 14

Last is the photo of Eliza’s class singing.

The envelope lifts up to reveal more journaling.

December Daily | Day 14

The rest of the journaling reads:

“The Winter Program was awesome. It was impressive that the kids remembered the words to the songs. E had a full audience – us, Poppy, Bev, Mimi, Taylor, Paw Paw, Papa Clay, and Grandma Carol. Everyone loved hearing Eliza and her class sing. Eliza will be singing these songs to us for years to come.”

DD 14-2

DD 14-3

DD 14-4

DD 14-5

DD 14-6

That’s Day 14.

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