December Daily | Day 11

Today is officially December Daily recap day. And each day in the album that hasn’t been posted yet gets its own blog post. It’s going to be ridiculous. Ready, set, go.

*Note: some of the faces for Day 11 were blurred in Photoshop (we try not to post photos of non-family members without permission).

December Daily | Day 11

The journaling for Day 11 reads:

“I love that Jonas & Nathan are starting to play together.”

“We had a crazy day! Taylor & Matt stayed the night on the 10th and E’s best friend N. & her mom came over, so we had a full house! I restocked with Eliza, we all went to dinner at Beth’s (well, Jake stayed home to work). Taylor made everyone breakfast :)”

“Eliza loved getting to play with N. – they played very well, but their bossy personalities clash a little.”

December Daily 2011 Day 11 | 1

The left page for Day 11 shows Jonas playing with his cousin Nathan, who is 4 months younger. I love that they are inching up to the point where the age difference doesn’t matter at all and are starting to play (even if Jonas spent most of the time taking Nathan’s toys).

The middle page has the number for the day and the journaling.

December Daily 2011 Day 11 | 2

The right page shows Eliza playing with her best friend N., Jake hanging out with our friend Matt, and N.’s mom.

To achieve the effect on this page, I printed out an 8×8 collage of photos but left some spaces white for patterned paper. I traced the chipboard scallop shape onto the photo paper, cut out the photo into the scallop shape. I measured the white spaces, cut patterned paper to size, and glued the patterned paper onto the photo paper. I then flipped the photo paper over and trimmed off the excess patterned paper. I then glued the whole thing onto the chipboard shape.

That’s Day 11.

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