Today is officially December Daily recap day. And each day in the album that hasn’t been posted yet gets its own blog post. It’s going to be ridiculous. Ready, set, go.

*Note: some of the faces for Day 11, which you can see peaking through, were blurred in Photoshop (we try not to post photos of non-family members without permission).


The journaling for Day 10 reads:

“Today I slept in while Jonas, E, & Jake went to Spanish Class. We had the mailman pick up 15 boxes, & when I wok up Taylor, Jake, & I piacked & shipped (& made) 27 more! Jake & I went to the post office, then came back to play with the littles. I re-stocked, too, a nap, and we had the Bronx with Taylor & Matt, who came to hang out for the night. We finally put lights on the Christmas tree! I <3 Twinkles!"

December Daily 2011 Day 10 | 1

Our friend Matt was awesome enough to take photos of us putting the lights on our tree (which stood bare for a week) so that all of us could be in the photos. I love that the large photo is an action shot with all four of us; we don’t get many of those.

The word “bright” was carefully cut from some Target junk mail. You can find some great design in things you’d normally throw away. (I forgot to mention that I used junk mail in Day 5 too, the circle snowflakes are from the envelope our Internet service bill arrived in.)

December Daily 2011 Day 10 | 2

Having a slim transparent middle page is a theme for this album – I liked that it let me get the journaling in on the spreads that had a ton of photos. The only things on this page is the journaling and the circle with a “10″ in it, but I made sure that the elements lined up with the patterned paper strip showing through on the next page.

December Daily 2011 Day 10 | 3

On the back of the transparent page, I lined up the journaling strips for the back with the ones from the front. I took a cue from the star under the word “bright” and added two shiny vintage snowflakes to the page. The photo collage on the right is a peek into our night hanging out with Matt and Taylor.

That’s Day 10.

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