I put the finishing touches on the December Daily album today! It feels good to hold the completed project in my hands. I’ll be photographing the pages I haven’t shared yet (get ready to be slammed with a ton of posts – each day is getting its own), but for now I want to talk a bit about the cover, which I did last.

I’m glad the cover was the final bit, because there’s no way I would have predicted the thickness of this album. It’s three inches tall!

I made the cover from a pizza box. That’s right: pizza box. I love the star pattern on the boxes from one of our favorite neighborhood pizzerias, D’Bronx, so I asked if I could buy a couple. More on how I’m using the other boxes later.

To make the cover, I cut out two 8×8 pieces and one 3×8 piece. I lined up the three pieces and connected them using clear packing tape.

I then punched holes in the covers (using the holes already punched in my DD pages as a guide. I don’t have jump rings big enough to fit all of the pages, so I threaded baker’s twine through the holes and pages, tying bows to secure the twine.

Problem: I had to tie the twine loose so that the album will lay flat when it is opened, but the extra give in the string allows the pages to slide out a little from behind the covers when the book is closed. I’ll see how this holds up; I might try a different binding method later. And if that fails, I’ll just buy an American Crafts 8-Inch by 8-Inch D-Ring Album.