It is so amazing that this is the final 365 week for 2011. When we started this project, I honestly didn’t think that we could do it. But after the dismal amount of photos we took in 2010 (they were almost all product shots for the shop), we knew we needed a jump start. This was it.

Did we actually do a 365? No. There are a good 10-15 days in there that are actually from another day, but that’s just fine. I remember freaking out the first day I realized we hadn’t taken a photo the day previously (it was in June, which I feel is impressive). But then I said to myself: “Self, stop freaking out. What are you going to do, abandon a product 6 months in the making because of one day? Take an extra picture today and move forward.” (If Jake had been the one to have realized it, there would have been no freaking out. He would have moved straight from “ooops, forgot to take a photo” to “oh well, take and extra one today” without an ounce of anxiety or neurotic behavior. I should be so lucky.)

And here we are, with 365 organized, edited, wonderful, beautiful photos documenting the rhythm of our lives for a whole year. More precious than the photos are the collection of these posts, which capture both the stories behind the photos and the things left off film (Metaphorically speaking, of course. It’s more like “left off SD card”).

I’ve been struggling all year with what I want to do with these photos. When I started, I thought I’d do something with the collages I made for the blog posts. But it turns out that, because I’ve sized them to fit on the blog, they’re to tiny and low quality to print.

Then I thought I’d put them all into seasonal minis (I even started one: see it here), but that wasn’t really working for me either. I really don’t like that everything before 2010 is in 12×12 layout form and I suddenly switched to mostly minis. I’d like to imagine that if someone wanted to watch our family grow from 2006 to 2012, say, it would be easy to just pull off binders and flip through chronologically without any confusion because I can’t stick to a format. I know that no one will ever do this, but I’m a little crazy and I need to know that it’s possible. So, I’m going back to minis just for random themed bits and vacations and I’m going back to 12 x 12 for everyday life.

My plan for doing this? Project Life. Sort of. My version of it. And I’m not only doing PL for 2012, I’m going to be doing it for 2011, backwards. Watch me go.

Here’s our final 365 for 2011!!!

Week 52

*We’ll post links to the December Daily pages here for the December days as they are up to prevent redundancy.

Day 358. December 24.

Day 359. December 25.

Day 360. Jake was off work, so we had a fat kid lunch at Chubby’s, went to pick up our camera at Aunt Rita and Uncle Bit’s house (can you believe we left it behind?), stocked up for a year’s worth of good smelling stuff at Bath and Body Works (we love anything Eucalyptus Spearmint), and got Eliza’s hair cut at Shear Madness (she picked the cut). I read the Steve Jobs Biography aloud in the car while we did our errands (I project we’ll be done with it sometime in May 2013 at this rate).

Day 361. Jonas bonus has the best smile ever, hands down. Eliza went to her grandparents and had a huge slumber party with a bunch of her cousins (how cool is that?).

Day 362. Jake had the day off, Eliza continued her slumber partying, our friend Steve came over and we got to have hours and hours of great conversation, Jonas got into everything and worked on scaling the furniture (uh-oh), and Jake and I worked on the blog re-design (coming hopefully soon).

Day 363. Jonas’s first birthday! My Dad came over to spend the day with Jonas and I, Eliza finally came back home from her slumber party, and we had an epic celebration dinner.

Day 364. We played a few more hours of the Monopoly (Electronic Banking Edition) game that has been ongoing since Christmas. In this picture, I help Eliza gloat about her hotels. She slaughtered me and it looked like Jake was done for, but when my property got back into them mix the tables turned. E and Jake didn’t finish the game until New Year’s Eve, and that was only because we declared a stopping time. We added up their worth to determine the winner, and Jake had about double what Eliza had. Good thing he didn’t call it quits early.

Day 365. New Year’s Eve. Eliza chose that as her fancy thing to wear for the day. We stayed home and watched the ball drop (Eliza now has Bieber fever – uh-oh). Jonas was sick and happened to wake up in the middle of the night right before midnight, so all four of us shared kisses and toasted with sparkling apple or blueberry juice.

That’s what we’ve been up to lately. What have you been doing?