Jonas turned 11 months old back on the 29th, but it’s been a little difficult for us to keep up with the regularly scheduled programming around here. I can’t believe we’re only a few weeks away from his first birthday! It went way way to fast, let us tell you. Here’s how our little man has changed since the 10 month mark.

Jonas @ 11 Months

Last time around Jonas learned how to walk. This month he learned how to run. He’s super fast and into everything. We’ve got baby gates and barricades coming out the wazoo around here.

At first he walked with his arms straight up in the air, but now he’s walking with his arms at his sides.

Jonas @ 11 Months

He also learned how to stand up without pulling up on anything (though he still prefers to pull up).

He can also bend over and pick something up off of the ground without falling over (most of the time).

If there’s one thing he’s not supposed to have in a room, that’s what he’ll go for. He did things like throw a rubber duck in the toilet and unroll an entire roll of toilet paper (obviously I shouldn’t try to give Eliza a bath when Jake isn’t home).

He’s still go go go and not big with the snuggles, but he knows what “hug” and “kiss” mean and doles those out plenty. For “hugs”, he buries his head in the recipient’s chest. His kisses are in the gaping open mouth phase, but we still enjoy them (even if they are a little gross).

He’s still a banana man. It’s his favorite food, hands down. Except maybe for mac & cheese, but we’ve only let him have that a few times.

The dude is a garbage disposal. I seriously don’t understand how all of the food he eats fits in that tiny body. All the running around takes fuel, I guess. But some days I swear he spends like four hours total eating.

His only two “words” are still “mama” and “dada”, but he makes consistent sounds when he sees some common objects/ people (Nick, Eliza, Poppy, the cats, books). He also says something that sounds kind of like “that!” when he points at things he wants and “thank you” when we hand him something.

Jonas also just started to really babble this month. He’ll get in talkative moods and will “talk” back and forth with us.

He’s really good at shaking his head yes and no. He likes to argue with Jake about whether or not he stinks when he gets his diaper changed.

Speaking of diapers, we’re still doing cloth. Even though they got epically grosser.

He dances to music. It is adorable. He especially likes Techno.

Jonas @ 11 Months

His hair sticks straight up. I love it.

He sticks his tongue out when he’s walking around. Weirdo.

Jonas @ 11 Months

He started this month nursing three times a day and is now down to two. He’s drinking water from a tippy cup throughout the day, but really likes to drink from grown-up cups with help.

His eating habits haven’t changed much from last month, but we did go through a few difficult days this month when he refused things he previously liked. We kept re-introducing them and mixing them with other things until he’d eat them again. He’s still not loving fruit in a cup though (like pears, peaches, and mandarin oranges).

I can’t believe he’ll be one on the 29th! I feel like he was barely a baby. Was that really a year? It couldn’t have been. No way.

We’re planning a party. Yo Gabba Gabba themed, of course. We’ll see if my mom can top Eliza’s Plex Cake from her third birthday.

Does anyone have children with birthdays close to Christmas (or another big holiday)? Any tips for successful party planning in the midst of all of the crazy?

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