Eliza's Ornament a Day Trees

Eliza’s special trees are filling up!

We haven’t been very good about posting Eliza’s Ornament a Day projects, but we’re still truckin’ along behind the scenes here. We’ve missed a few days (hence the gap in the title), but we’ll make them up by doubling up this week when it is less crazy around here.

Eliza's Ornament a Day: Days 6-7 and 11-18

A lot of the ornaments as of late have been from kits. Eliza can work on them solo at the kitchen table while Jake and I make dinner, so she can ask for help here and there as needed but still get to bed on time. Pictured above are tons of foam kits from Target (they were a hit last year too), a few wooden ornaments from JoAnn’s (Eliza drew a face to put on the angel instead of putting a photo in there), a foam snowflake she made in Spanish class, half of a seven inch record she decorated with Christmas stickers (I messed it up while making record notebooks, and she had the idea to make it into an ornament instead of recycling it!), and our one truly DIY ornament from this batch – a felt line tree. More on that below.

Eliza's Ornament a Day: Day 18

Eliza has been pumped to work on her sewing skills, so we made a little line Christmas tree out of felt.

Eliza's Ornament a Day: Day 18

Supplies: sewing machine, thread, green felt, fabric scissors

Eliza's Ornament a Day: Day 18

All we did was cut the felt into thin strips, then cut the strips to form a tree shape as shown. Unfortunately, E’s little sewing machine was being wonky, so we headed upstairs to use mine. I helped her connect the lines with the sewing machine. She just went straight down the middle. I did the top so that her fingers wouldn’t have to get too close.

Eliza's Ornament a Day: Day 18

Yay ornaments! Have you been making any holiday decorations?

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