December Daily 2011 Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of my December Daily album.

(Day 3? Megan, don’t you know that it’s the 9th? Shhh…. we’re lucky I’m finding time to do one at all. I’m making pages as I can, and taking photos/writing journaling daily.)

As with my other days this year, I started by picking my foundation pages for the day. I’m keeping them out of order so I can select pages that fit into the stories for the day. I knew I’d be working with the 8×8 scalloped felt page from Day 2, so I chose my favorite photo from the day to take up that whole page. Then I picked a bunch of little photos to fit on the right side page. I don’t like wasting photo paper, so I also added two photos that I’m going to use for another project.

Here’s the 8.5×11 printout of the photos:

December Daily 2011 Day 3 | The Photos

I really wanted this photo of Jake and I to stand out, so I kept the left page simple. I sewed and stapled my elements on the other side of the page (it’s felt), but I wanted to select an attachment method for Day 3 that wouldn’t mess up Day 2 on the other side. So the photo is being held on by the paperclip on the left and some baker’s twine through the button on the right. The baker’s twine is tied into a little bow on the other side that complemented Day 2 nicely.

December Daily 2011 Day 3 | Left Page

Because I kept the left side simple, I figured I could get extra layery on the right. The first layer is a tag with the day’s number on it. It’s a Converse tag that’s been in my studio for years, because we stopped buying Converse once Nike bought them out (we boycott Nike). The stars worked perfectly for the feel of this page, and I just covered up the logo with a tag and the number. The tag isn’t attached, it’s slipped into one of the binder rings.

December Daily 2011 Day 3 | Right 1

I covered the back side of the tag with patterned paper on the back and added embellishments that would work with the theme of both the right and left sides of the page onto the tag and the transparency. This layer is purely decorative, but I think it brings out the other layers.

December Daily 2011 Day 3 | Right 2

The last layer has the “little stuff” journaling (I’ve been writing it daily on decorative address labels) on the left and more photos with the “big story” of the day. I love the approach I’m taking with this album: writing down the little things that happen throughout our day in a list, but going in depth into one thing. It’s the best of both worlds.

The right focuses on a birthday party for the son of my oldest friend. It’s cool that her first son is only a year apart from Eliza and her second son and Jonas are only two weeks apart! Anywho, Andrew (the birthday boy) has developed his first crush: he kissed Eliza on the cheek, called her “my girl”, and took about 40 photos of her.


December Daily 2011 Day 3 | Right 3

Here’s a look at what the pages look like in the album, turning one layer at a time:

December Daily 2011 Day 3 | In the Album 1

December Daily 2011 Day 3 | In the Album 2

December Daily 2011 Day 3 | In the Album 3

Want to see more? Here’s Day1 and Day 2.

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