December Daily 2011 Day 2

I haven’t had time to share my December Daily pages every day, but I’m going to be showing them off as time allows. Things are hectic around here, so I’m taking a laid back approach. If I don’t have time to do a page, I don’t sweat it. I just jot down my journaling on the address label stickers I’m using at the end of the day and call it good. That way I don’t forget the moments I’m trying to capture, but I don’t loose more sleep than I can afford either.

I started by printing my photos. I didn’t put numbers in on my foundation pages this year so I can move around pages so they fit with the stories I’m telling/ amount of photos I’m using for each day. But I pick the foundation pages before I print the photos so that I know what size to make things.

I’m using a lot of photo collages this year to save me time from trying to figure decide the layout of each page. Here’s what the 8.5×11 page of photos looked like before I printed it from home.  (I don’t like to waste photo paper, so I find extra things to print if I have extra room).

December Daily 2011 Day 2 | The Photos

Here’s a look at how the pages look in the album:

December Daily 2011 Day 2 | Right Page Closed

December Daily 2011 Day 2 | Opened

I knew I was going to start with the back of the transparency page from Day 1, so I kept it simple and printed a digital block with my star photo for the day, the “big story” (about Poppy coming over to spend time with Jonas so I could work on orders) I wanted to tell, and the “2”. All I had to do was trim and glue đŸ™‚

December Daily 2011 Day 2 | Left Page

I love that I can see a peak of Day 1 through the transparency.

For day 2 I know I had more photos than a two page spread would allow, but didn’t want to throw an extra page into the jump rings. The “2” for the day is on the left page and not in the center page, so I thought putting the middle page into the jump rings would confuse where Day 2 ends and Day 3 starts.

December Daily 2011 Day 2 | Right Page Closed

So I took advantage of one of the felt pages in my album and sewed in an interactive page using a bit of scrap cloth. The page has photos and my “small stuff” journaling for the day, and can flip open to revel more photos and a fancy vintage music sheet.

December Daily 2011 Day 2 | Right Page Opened

I love these pages! I have the rest of the pages up until now scanned, so I’ll be blogging them as soon as I can!

Are you doing a December Daily? Share a link!

***To encourage myself to get these posts up, I’m not citing the products I’m using. If you have any questions about a specific product, I’d be happy to answer!