December Daily 2011 Day 19 | 1

The “big story” for the day was Eliza’s letter to Santa. For the record, having your kid write a letter to Santa on the 19th is a terrible terrible idea. We asked what she wanted earlier in the month, but the star of the letter happened to be an Inkoos Plush Bear (a bear you can draw on with markers and wash), which happens to be a big deal and sold out everywhere. After I first bought the wrong thing, we found a Mini version (after lots and lots of phone calls). Whew.

December Daily 2011 Day 19 | 2

The first page stars photos of Eliza carrying Jonas and running around. He thought that was the funnest thing ever. The strip of green paper is from the insert in a record album. I liked that it matched her letter to Santa.

December Daily 2011 Day 19 | Left

The first side of the middle page shows Eliza writing her letter.

December Daily 2011 Day 19 | Middle 1

The back of the middle page has the “little stuff” journaling that I write at the end of each night. I’m going to have Eliza writer her name in that little spot there.

December Daily 2011 Day 19 | Middle 2

The right page has Eliza’s letter. It’s the original letter (we scan it and e-mail it to Santa). I love that it is in her handwriting for the first time.

December Daily 2011 Day 19 | Right

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