The holiday madness made it a little difficult to get all of our regular posts made, but we still have been working diligently behind the scenes. I can’t believe that we’re all the way through Week 51 of the 365! We’ve been taking a photo a day (ish) for a whole year. That’s epic. We’re working on a reflection post about our 365 experience that we’ll post after the new year, but for now here’s our big, fat catch-up:

Week 47

Day 323. My name is Jonas and I love typewriters.

Today we went to go see Jake’s grandma, who was on hospice, at her home. The entire family was there supporting her, which was so amazing. She passed away during the night.

Day 324. Eliza got her very own personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut for meeting her book goal! We log the books she/we read each night and send the log to school as part of Pizza Hut’s Book It program. E was so proud!

Today Nick also started moving out. He left the nest to move into an awesome downtown loft a few minutes away with his girlfriend, Krista.

Day 325. Eliza watching Finding Nemo in French. We have a new rule that if she watches TV during the week (which is rare), it has to be in French. Her teacher recommended watching more French movies: it will help E with vocabulary and pronunciation at school. (Eliza goes to a full French immersion school.)

This was E’s last day of school before the Thanksgiving holiday. We went to the wake for Jake’s grandma.

Day 326. Today we went to the funeral for Jake’s grandma. It was a beautiful service. She was an amazing woman and we will miss her so very much. Eliza stayed the night with Jake’s parents to help make them feel better.

The photo is of Jonas after a nice walk around the corner to buy more records, grab a latte, and get some things at the hardware store. He hates hats. I have to put that one on him so he can’t pull it off (it ties under his chin).

Day 327. Target! Jonas helps. Eliza stays the night at Jake’s parent’s again.

Day 328. Thanksgiving. We were going to have breakfast with my dad, but Jake and I were both sick. I powered through and made from scratch cranberry sauce (I used this recipe), we stopped by my dad’s for a bit (Jake’s parents dropped Eliza off there), we went to a big party for my side of the family and then headed over to Jake’s parent’s. We didn’t get to see Jake’s Mom, which was super disappointing. We’ll have to make sure she gets the lion’s share of the Thanksgiving time next year.

Day 329. I usually read to the kids in Jonas’s room after school or before bed. They both sit in my lap in the big rocking chair at first, but then Jonas gets up and walks around after a few pages. He has sleepy sleepy eyes in this photo.

Week 48

Day 330. Taylor and I go buy almost 200 records. (See the post here. We thought that was a lot, until this.)

Day 331. Jonas always sticks his tongue out when he walks now. Weirdo.

Day 332. Again with the tongue.

Day 333. Chicken carbonara = a very messy baby.

Day 334. Reading to Eliza in Jonas’s room. I love you, self-timer.

Day 335. December 1.

*For all of the December 364 days, we’re going to link to the corresponding December Daily page to prevent redundancy. For the pages not done yet, we’ll post links as Megan makes the pages.

Day 336. December 2.

Week 49

Day 337. December 3.

Day 338. December 4.

Day 339. December 5.

Day 340. December 6.

Day 341. December 7.

Day 342. December 8.

Day 343. December 9.

Week 50

Day 344. December 10.

Day 345. December 11.

Day 346. December 12.

Day 347. December 13.

Day 348. December 14.

Day 349. December 15.

Day 350. December 16.

Week 51

Day 351. December 17.

Day 352. December 18.

Day 353. December 19.

Day 354. December 20.

Day 355. December 21.

Day 356. December 22.

Day 357. December 23.

This post is inspiring me to get crackin’ on the December Daily album ! Our printer broke last week and the new one promptly ran out of ink. We’re printing capable again, so a scrapbooking I will go!

That’s what we have been up to. What have you been doing?