Music Sheet Wreath

Here at the Nerd Nest we’re teaming up with Allie from Alexandra Rae Designs to bring you 12 Days of Christmas (Projects)! It’s our goal to create 12 projects each for Christmas decor, gifts, and memory keeping by the 25th. That means you’ll get 24 DIY tutorials this month! Wohoo!

12 Days Of Christmas (Projects)

The Day 4 Project is definitely my favorite yet – a paper wreath made from vintage music sheets! Poppy (my grandpa) brought me a big stack of old music sheet books a few months awhile and I’ve been waiting for the perfect inspiration for them to strike! Now one of the books has met it’s upcycled destiny.

Music Sheet Wreath

This project’s super easy but takes some time, so pick out your favorite holiday movie and get ready for an hour or so of crafting bliss.

Music Sheet Wreath | Supplies

Gather your supplies: Vintage music sheets (you can also make a smaller wreath with paper from a regular book), stapler, plenty of extra staples, embroidery floss, embroidery needle, scissors, marker, a large plate (to use as a circle template), hot glue gun (optional), button, and some sort of recycled cardboard (I used a record album cover because we have tons of them laying around, but you can use a cardboard box, a cereal box, etc.).

Music Sheet Wreath | Tutorial 1

I made one of these in 2009 (see it here), but didn’t put anything on the back to stabilize it. Needless to say, it’s not around this year. So I thought adding some cardboard to the back would make the time worth it. Hopefully this one won’t fall apart over time 🙂

Trace a circle using a plate or other round something onto your recycled cardboard.

Music Sheet Wreath | Tutorial 2

Cut out your circle.

Music Sheet Wreath | Tutorial 3

Fold your circle in half lengthwise and then in half widthwise. This will enable you to locate the center of the circle where to two lines intersect. It’s hard to see in the picture.

Music Sheet Wreath | Tutorial 4

Take a sheet of your music paper and roll.

Music Sheet Wreath | Tutorial 5

Staple one end. Make 16 of these; try to get them all to be about the same size.

Music Sheet Wreath | Tutorial 6

Lay your first 8 paper tubes onto the cardboard circle, using the center mark as a guide. To insure even spacing, I made a plus sign with the first four and then added another tube halfway in between each of the four base tubes (or, if you want it in nerdier terms, I put a tube every 45 degrees all of the way around the circle).

Attach the first 8 tubes to the circle, using the embroidery floss and needle, stapler, or hot glue if none of that is working for you. I stapled where I could reach and sewed on where I couldn’t.

Music Sheet Wreath | Tutorial 7

Next, fill out the remainder of the bottom layer of your wreath with the remaining 8 tubs, putting one in between each tube that you’ve already attached.

Attach the next 8 the same way you attached the previous 8.

Music Sheet Wreath | Tutorial 8

Next, cut 8 of your music sheets in half. You will use these for the middle layer.  Roll and staple 16 of these in the same way you made the longer tubes.

Music Sheet Wreath | Tutorial 9

For scale.

Music Sheet Wreath | Tutorial 10

You can attach the middle layer to the bottom layer one by one, but I found it easier to sew the starburst shape made out of the second layer together before adding the whole middle layer to the bottom layer. I made the shape for the middle layer using the same method as the bottom layer.


Music Sheet Wreath | Tutorial 11

Now it’s time for the homestretch! The center/top layer. Cut two more music sheets in half. Fold each half with an accordion fold.

Music Sheet Wreath | Tutorial 12

Using the embroidery floss and thread, sew through the bottom of the accordion folded paper, making a fan.

Music Sheet Wreath | Tutorial 13

Repeat for all four “fans”and tie off, so they are sewn together in a circle. Attach to the other two layers (I used a hot glue gun this time).

Music Sheet Wreath

Glue a button in the center of the wreath and you’re all done!

Music Sheet Wreath

Pretty, pretty.

Music Sheet Wreath

We hung it up on the wall next to the tree. Jake and I love it so much, we might just keep it up all year. It will pop so much more once we get that wall painted.

Music Sheet Wreath

If you make a 12 Days of Christmas (Projects) inspired something or other, make sure to add it to the Flickr group!

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