Rocket Ship Plushie Tutorial

Here at the Nerd Nest we’re teaming up with Allie from Alexandra Rae Designs to bring you 12 Days of Christmas (Projects)! It’s our goal to create 12 projects each for Christmas decor, gifts, and memory keeping by the 25th. That means you’ll get 24 DIY tutorials this month! Wohoo!

12 Days Of Christmas (Projects)

Project #2 is the Upcycled Rocket Ship Plushie! This is a Christmas project for baby Jonas. His room is space themed, so I thought a rocketship plushie would be right up his ally. To make the project extra special, I used fabric from the sweater I wore the most when I was pregnant with him. Exhibit A:

Thanksgiving Photo 2010

That’s Jonas in there at 8 months.

The sweater has a hole in it, so I can’t save it for future buns in the ‘ole oven. Upcycling to the rescue.

Rocket Ship Plushie Tutorial

I know my rocket ship is a little wonky, but I’m a novice in the sewing department. So if I can do it, so can you. I’m sure yours will be just perfect. Let’s get started.

Rocket Ship Plushie Tutorial 1

Gather your supplies: old sweater (or fabric of your choice), tape, a small scrap of fabric (for the oval window), paper scissors, fabric scissors, thread, needle, pins, a vanishing marker for fabric, polyfil stuffing, Template 1, Template 2, and a sewing machine (optional).

Rocket Ship Plushie Tutorial 2

Download and print Template 1 and Template 2. When you put them together, they look like this:

Rocket Ship Plushie Remplate

Cut out the three pieces.

Rocket Ship Plushie Tutorial 3

Tape the two parts of the rocket ship together to make one full template piece. I taped the front and the back for extra stability.

Rocket Ship Plushie Tutorial 4

Using the vanishing fabric marker, trace the template onto the fabric. Repeat this step so you have two shapes traced onto the fabric; one for the front and one for the back.

Rocket Ship Plushie Tutorial 5

Carefully cut out both rocketship shapes with fabric scissors.

Rocket Ship Plushie Tutorial 6

Trace the oval window onto your scrap fabric and cut it out in the same manner.

Rocket Ship Plushie Tutorial 7

Pin the oval into place in the upper center of the rocketship. Make sure to pin the oval onto the right side of the fabric (the side that will be showing).

Rocket Ship Plushie Tutorial 8

Sew carefully around the outer edges of the oval to fix the oval window onto the rocket ship. If using a sweater, make sure to use the shortest stitch setting on your machine and to go extra slow, careful not to stretch the fabric.

Rocket Ship Plushie Tutorial 9

Pin the two rocket ships together with the right sides touching and the wrong sides facing out (so the window will be sandwiched in between the two fabric pieces. Sew very carefully around the outside edge of the pieces, taking out the pins as you go. Make sure to leave a few centimeters as a seam allowance between the stitches and the edges so your rocket ship doesn’t unravel. Also make sure to leave about a two inch gap (don’t do this near the corners).

Rocket Ship Plushie Tutorial 10

After you’ve sewn the two peices together, flip the rocket ship back right side out through the gap you’ve left. Stuff with the polyfil stuffing and then close using a blind stitch.

Rocket Ship Plushie Tutorial

You can use this method to make a plushie of any shape for the boys and girls on your Christmas list. I know baby Jonas will love this; I hope the littles in your life will too!

If you make something inspired by a Twelve Days of Christmas (Projects) post, make sure to add it to the Flicr group!

P.S. I forgot to give cred to Jake for drawing the rocket ship. We had a contest: we both drew rocket ships on our computers and his blew mine out of the water. So this one is a team project 🙂

***Edited: I learned after completing this project that you’re supposed to sew first and cut after with knits. So if you want a non-wonky rocket ship, do it that way.