Funniest Album Name Ever

Above is the funniest record album name ever. True Story.

Record Store

The past few days have been pretty much nothing but records (and taking care of the small people, of course) as we make tons and tons of record bookends. Here’s what we’ve been doing, in phone photos. We’ve had to re-stock like crazy. Someone told us about the crazy sale pictured above, which was exciting because we’ve drained our regular source dry of recognizable bands.

Taylor Looking Through Records

My sister Taylor went with me to look so Jake could hang with Jonas (who is not a good helper when looking through records). Would you believe we looked through almost every single box? We left with over 200 records to add to our stash.


We’ve given up on trying to do things in our studio and have moved the records and shipping supplies to the kitchen/breakfast room. So we’ll likely be eating dinner on the couch until Christmas. The records that haven’t been made yet are organized on the kitchen table, and the already made ones are matched up with orders all over our butcher block island.

Packing Boxes

Jake found a way to use the album covers that aren’t in good enough condition to upcycle into record notebooks as packing material. My husband is brilliant.

Shipping Like a Dr. Suess Character

He’s also a talented balancer and carrier of boxes.

Post Office Craze

The people of the post office are going to groan every time they see us soon.