A week over due, but Jonas has hit the 10 month mark! He turned 10 months on October 29th (which also happens to be Jake & Nick’s birthday). Here’s how Jonas has changed since the 9 month mark.

Jonas @ 10 months

The biggest milestone over the past month was learning how to walk. You can see a video of how he’s walking now here and his first steps here. He’s still spending most of his walking time cruising and crawling, but he’ll walk between to objects that are close together (or between people).

Jonas @ 10 months

He can stand in one place for over a minute. He squats down to get toys or will slowly lower himself into the sitting/crawling position.

No new teeth this month.

Still going strong with cloth diapers.

Jonas has to be distracted with a toy while one of us is changing his diaper, or he’ll try to crawl away.

Jonas Never Stops Eating

Jonas is now a bottomless pit. He probably eats more calories in a day than I do. Yet, he doesn’t seem to be getting any bigger. He must be burning it off with all of that walking action.

His favorite food is bananas. He’s also been introduced to macaroni and cheese this month, and he LOVES IT. We don’t give it to him often though, he’s mostly eating fruits, veggies, and grains (with a bit of dairy thrown in, he really likes yogurt and cottage cheese).

He’s really good at feeding himself. He can be very precise with two fingers when he wants to, but other times he just grabs a fistful and shoves it in his mouth (the little glutton). He almost always needs a bath (or at least a partial bath) after eating.

He’s also started to get a little bit of an attitude when he’s done eating. He rubs his grubby hands in his hair (especially behind his ears), throws food on the ground, and slaps his high chair tray. He doesn’t want to be strapped in for one second longer than he needs to be.

He drinks water from a sippy cup himself and enjoys stealing sips from our big people cups as well (he tries to get his own water from cups, but we won’t let him).

Still nursing, mostly in the morning. Usually about three times a day now.

Jonas @ 10 months

He is finally calling me “mama” sometimes. He’s been calling Jake “dada” for a whole month now. He’s still not a big talker, though.

He’s just started adjusting to my night schedule and is going to bed at almost 10:00 p.m. and sleeping until about noon (waking up twice in the morning to eat). Let me tell you, I am one happy mama. Only sleeping while he napped during the day was not working out for me.

He reaches for people he recognizes immediately. It takes him a second to warm up to strangers, but he doesn’t mind being held by people he doesn’t see often too.

He reaches for other things he wants as well.

When he gets excited, he hits things. (Weird.) He’ll squeal and pat a person’s face, smack the cats, or smoosh food.

He loves books, but is ready to go cruise around after just one is read to him.

He’s trying to play ball (rolling it to us), but he just throws it down on the ground.

He plays peek-a-boo with us by hiding behind things and peaking his head out.

We had to lower his crib mattress all of the way because he was gnawing on the wooden bar when he woke up from naps. It looks like a beaver got ahold of it.

He thinks Eliza’s toys are way cooler than his own.

He prefers his Yo Gabba Gabba toys over everything else.

He thinks it’s funny when we say “no” and starts to run away from us (the baby version of, “Catch me if you can!” is probably running through his mind). He’s good about not putting things in his mouth if we say “no” though.

He pretends to “get” me. It looks like he’s pretending to be a chicken pecking at my chest, but Jonas is gobbling me up just like Jake pretends to gobble Jonas’s tummy. Jonas loves it when I yell, “Oh no, you’re getting me, you’re getting me! Don’t eat me! Ahhhh! I’m being eaten by a baby, HELP!!!” Maybe this is a weird game, but it’s my absolute favorite thing right now.

He won’t snuggle, but he does give us hugs and what we think may be an attempt at kisses.

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Jonas as Charlie Brown, Halloween 2011

That’s what’s been going on with Jonas this month! I can’t believe he’s getting so big. He doesn’t even seem like a baby anymore. I love this stage so much. His little personality is really shining through. All I want to do right now during the day when we’re alone is play with him. I love that now he plays back!