Eliza’s selling raffle tickets for her school. If you know us in real life, you have until the 10th to get yours! The raffle tickets are $5.00 to be entered into a $10,000 prize drawing.

Eliza's Early Bird Prize

Here’s Eliza’s tie-dye prize for selling 20 tickets before the early bird deadline.

We’re not gamblers. When my mom took me to Las Vegas for my 21st birthday, we spend $20.00 on penny slots over three days. We have tons of casinos near us, but Jake and I have never gone. I have an addictive personality, so I throw gambling in with drinking and drugs under the “Things I Shouldn’t Even Try” file. Eliza and Jake like doing scratcher’s lottery tickets (which are fun and help teach Eliza numbers and matching), but we’ve never bought real lottery tickets. We’ve received them from time to time. So here’s how I feel about lotteries/raffles: people can get out of hand buying them, they are in general a waste of money, your chances are horrible, but you’re not really playing to win. You’re playing for the chance to fantasize about what you would do if you won.

If we had 10,000 dollars, it would be spend several times over on practical things (hello, student loans). Even if we didn’t have any debt, we’d still do boring things with the money: donations to local charities, adoption fund (we want to adopt a sibling group through foster care), kid’s college funds, stocks, small house repairs. But that’s not fun to think about, even though it would be relieving. What’s fun to think about is what we would buy if we had monty to just blow.

Lytro Camera

-A Lytro camera. A digital camera that captures maximum light across the entire zoom range, allowing you to choose the point of focus after the fact! If you don’t get why this is cool, try it out here. Just pick a point on the photo and you can choose what is in focus! Man, that’s cool.

Inkwell & Quill Tattoo

-More tattoos. I want to finish my 1/2 sleeve so bad. And Jake would like to start his.

Cool Couch

-An awesome awesome couch. I hate our couch, and it is an ugly focal point. I’d also go crazy decorating. (Photo from here).


-A new mattress and a grown-up bed frame. (The photo is actually from Orla Kiely, so the point of the picture is supposed to be the duvet.)

American Crafts Album

-As many Black American Crafts 12X12 3-ring – Modern Album as I can get my hands on. I want to switch all of our scrapbooks to one uniform kind so they look pretty on the shelves. I love the idea of having a 3-ring so I can rearrange easily. I also love that the covers are heavy weight chipboard, so I can decorate each album cover but have the spines look the same. (THIS WOULD BE A REALLY GOOD CHRISTMAS PRESENT FOR ME. HINT HINT.)

-Custom bookshelves inspired by Something’s Hiding in Here. And, honestly, more custom bookshelves all around the house.

Okay, so that doesn’t come close to $10,000 dollars. But I bet Jake and the kids wouldn’t have any problem thinking of what to do with the rest.

What would you buy if you had disposable money?