So here’s how our actual Halloween day went.

Firstly, how cute are our kids?

Snoopy and Charlie Brown, Halloween 2011

That’s right. They are Snoopy and Charlie Brown. Jonas has been a little baldie up until the past month or so, so he’s been called Charlie Brown a fair few times. Eliza loves Peanuts (especially the holiday specials) and decided way back at the beginning of summer that Jonas should be Charlie and she’d be Snoopy. There was talk of Jake and I dressing up as well (Lucy and Linus?), but we decided that we didn’t have time to make costumes.

Snoopy and Charlie Brown, Halloween 2011

I am so excited that Eliza wanted to do themed dressing up. We haven’t done that in a while (my favorite family theme can be seen here). They will probably only be okay with the theme thing for another year or two, so I’m cherishing the abundance of cuteness.

Jonas as Charlie Brown, Halloween 2011

My mom made Jonas’ costume. She couldn’t find a yellow shirt, so she dyed a white one. She then sewed on the black zig zag. So so so cute.

My mom was going to make Eliza’s costume too, but found this adorable one on-line (not sure where). She opted to make things less stressful and go with it instead.

Eliza as Snoopy, Halloween 2011

Eliza had Halloween off from school, so we had a nice lazy day. E’s favorite part was the Halloween macaroni and cheese (the noodles were pumpkin and ghost shaped). Jonas was a fan of that part too.

Halloween 2011

When Jake got home from work we went to go see my Grandpa Ray. The kids’ great-great-grandpa (How cool is that!?). We also stopped by my Mom’s so she could get pictures of the kids.

Grandpa Ray's, Halloween 2011

Then we went back home to do some trick or treating. This is our first Halloween living in a real neighborhood (we’ve lived in lofts and apartments up until now), so it was awesome to get to trick-or-treat in our own neighborhood. We got tons and tons of trick-or-treaters. Eliza loved handing out candy. Jonas, Eliza, and I left Jake on the front porch in charge of the candy bowl while we went from house to house. We could have probably trick or treated for hours more than we did; our neighborhood is huge! It was so fun to see so many little kids all dressed up.

Eliza was very polite. She said, “Merci!” everytime someone gave her candy. Then would say, “That means Thank You, in case you don’t know French.”

Trick or Treating, Halloween 2011

We came back, Eliza looked through her stash, and then we read Halloween books until bedtime. It was a great Halloween.

How was yours?

This is Part 2 of our weekend. See Part 1 below. Part 3 is soon to come.