Nerd Nest Collections
We love collections. And by we I mean me and Eliza. Jake is by nature a collector too, but he thinks that gadgets don’t count (his collections are for doing things with, not for looking pretty). Eliza and I, we collect for the love of collecting. Which is why we’re not strictly allowed to go antiquing and thrifting together without supervision (hah!).

Right now, my favorite collection is our lithographed tin toy globe collection. They are typically from the 1950s and 1960s. (If they don’t have a date, you can date them by looking at which country names have changed over time.) Most of our globes are by Ohio Art, my favorite vintage toy company (they are also the maker of most of the tin toys found in our shop.

Seasons Globe

I love these toy globes for their vivid colors, different sizes (they are smaller than your average globe and also can be found in tiny coin bank sizes).

Tiny Globe Bank

The majority of our globe collection currently hangs out on top of the lockers in our entryway.

After: Hat Rack

This won’t be the globes’ permanent home; I’d love to have them somewhere lower so that the bases (which are all different and have lithographed images on them) are clearly visible.

Seasons Globe Close Up

The lockers are where they’ll have to stay until we can build our custom dream built in shelves, however. It’s the only place that can hold most of them and I want the majority of the globes grouped.

Ohio Art Globe Collection

Grouping a collection gives it a greater impact and makes a bigger statement than if you have a collection spread around. Grouping also makes a space feel less cluttered.

Travel Globe

We also spread a few of our favorite globes out; the one pictured above is on our mantle. This can help tie a room together visually. I like the pop of color it adds in our otherwise fairly neutral living room.

My love of these globes also inspired the space theme for Jonas’s nursery, where some of them are now hanging out.

Planets Globe

I expanded the collection to different kinds of globes for Jonas’s room, including the light up Fisher Pice globe below.

Fisher Price Light up Globe

My very favorite is Jonas’s moon globe though. The are very rare and are so so cool. Did you know that all of the craters on the moon have names?

Moon Globe

Once you start collecting something, you start to see it everywhere! I’m sure our globe collection will only continue to grow.

What do you collect?