I am generally a no-Christmas-before-Thanksgiving kind of person. It annoys me to no end that some local radio stations start playing holiday music straight away after Halloween. Fall is my favorite season, and I don’t want to be rushed into Winter. Not one bit.

That said, we have big crafty plans for December.

I’m planning on doing a December Daily album again (here’s last year’s).

I’m planning on doing several cool craft projects for gifts (check back throughout the month for cool DIYS).

I’m planning on making an epic advent calendar (I’m cutting it close with this tutorial – I probably won’t have it done until Black Friday. Trust me when I say you’ll want one. Start saving your canned-food cans now. You’ll need 25 cleaned out ones.)

The thing that will need the most planning, however, is Eliza’s Ornament a Day.

This is what we ended up with last year:

Eliza's Ornament a Day 2010

But the ornament a day part didn’t really work out, with Jonas on the way (he was due on Christmas last year), keeping up with Etsy, and everything else. We finally finished in February. We’re going to try to stay on it this year, but that will take some planning, especially since Eliza is in school. Instead of trying to invent our own ornament DIY for everyday, we’re scouring Pinterest for inspiration.

You can find links to tons of awesome ornament DIYs on my For E’s Ornament a Day board.

Ornament a Day Inspiration

My goal is to have supplies gathered before December begins.

P.S. Want an invitation to Pinterest? Leave your e-mail below and we will shoot one right over to you!