Duality Close-Up

I had fun creating a page that is in an only black and white color scheme. The theme of the page is the two sides of my personality; I love that the color scheme supports the theme.

Duality Close-Up

Journaling: I don’t believe in astrology. I think that people’s personalities are so varied that you can find proof of any trait within yourself. My birthday is on the cusp of Cancer and Leo, two signs that are pretty much opposite. Cancer is quiet and caring, Leo is boisterous and in the lead. Even though I think the Zodiac is nonsense, this caused me to think about the duality of my personality. On one hand I’m cautious and caring. I’m the first one to call when your world falls apart; a shoulder to cry on. I’m good at understanding other’s perspectives. I make everyone in my car wear a seatbelt. I’m straight edge. Taking care of my family is the most important thing I do. I’m super shy around new people and have trouble making new friends. It’s odd that I can be so protective, quiet, and reserved at times but can be strong, loud, and powerful at others. I’m a punk rocker that can kick ass in the pit with the biggest of boys. I am steadfast in my opinions and am not afraid to passionately share them in front of a large audience. I am quick to anger about social issues. I automatically take the lead on group projects. I am bossy to the max. These traits are two sides of the same coin not two dueling personalities within me. Knowing when to be strong and when to bend is the key.



White Demask Cardstock | American Crafts
Stamps | Basic Gray, Prima, and Autumn Leaves
Ink | Colorbox
Ribbon | KI Memories
Chipboard | Thickers
Die Cuts | Amy Tangerine for American Crafts
Pen | American Crafts

(If you want to see a close up, click here.)