365 2011 Week 43

Day 295. This photo is the reason there are 4 weeks of 365s in this post. Jake, Jonas, and I went to the wedding of one of Jake’s best friends from high school. She looked so beautiful. And the bride and groom’s first dance was the most epic salsa dancing I’ve ever seen. So cool. Anywho, Eliza went with her grandma (Abba) to Boo Bayou, the Halloween festival at E’s school. This picture, of Eliza, her best friend N., and a teacher, was on Jake’s parents’ camera. As they do not know how to e-mail photos, we didn’t get it until last weekend. Hah!

Day 296. We went to the pumpkin patch.

Day 297. Eliza and Jonas conked out in the back seat of our car. It’s dangerous for E to fall asleep in Jonas’s lap. Sometimes she wakes up to Jonas yanking a fistful of her hair. Also, we love her swimming goggles as a fashion statement. She says they make her look like a scientist. That’s my girl.

Day 298. What? This photo actually came from Day 296? You caught us. We lost someone we love on this day and taking a 365 photo wasn’t on the top of our priorities list. We won’t tell anyone if you won’t. (If you’re good, you’ll find a few other fake out photos. We’re cool with it. We’re keeping in the spirit of the project, which is what matters.)

Day 299. We took a long family walk that included coffee shop lattes/ hot chocolate, skateboarding on the sidewalks (Eliza), looking around wide eyed at everything (Jonas), and visiting our neighborhood bookstore. This is what we do to make ourselves feel better.

Day 300. Today was my last day watching my nephew baby Nathan. I watched him a few times a week since his Mom’s maternity leaved ended on the days his Dad works as a firefighter (they have crazy weird schedules, in case you didn’t know). My grandpa (Poppy) came over to hang out with the double babies.

Day 301. I’m a Room Parent for Eliza’s class, so I went to her school to help with the Fall party! The kids all got to wear their costumes. My favorite was the little dude in the DIY Ghostbusters get-up. (I wouldn’t normally post kids’ pictures without their parents’ permission, but their faces are so tiny in this photo you wouldn’t be able to make them out anyways. Plus they are all in disguise.)

We also went to go see my Great-Grandma at her nursing home on this day. She passed away in the night. It was so hard to go through this on a weekend when so many happy things were going on.

365 2011 Week 44

Day 302. Jake and Nick’s birthday! It’s so cool that they are brothers and get to share a birthday (though I’m sure they didn’t think so at times growing up). We honestly spent most of the day cleaning the house for the big party on Day 303.

Day 303. Zombie Apocalypse Party!!!

Day 304. Snoopy and Charlie Brown on Halloween (see more photos here.

Day 305. Eliza left her Halloween stash where Jonas could get to it. We snapped a shot before we took it away. He wasn’t to happy about that last part.

Day 306. Eliza, epic skateboarding master.

Day 307. I took E to the emergency room. She gashed open her knee on a nail in the floor during gym at school, and I took her because it was up in the air as to weather or not she needed stitches. After the intern in the ER deliberated for an hour and called in his superior, they decided to just put a very fancy band-aid on it. No worries, we packed Harry Potter and had fun reading without Jonas’s help for a few hours. And I bought her hot chocolate. It was an adventure of sorts.

Day 308. Another walk, this time before bed. We want to take advantage of the not-freezing-yet weather while it lasts! We were walking to the hardware store to buy a replacement belt for our vacuum cleaner. Exciting way to spend a Friday night, I know.

365 2011 Week 45

Day 309. We went to Eliza’s cousin Cora’s birthday party at a bowling ally. So fun. Jonas’s cousin Annie snuck him a cupcake. How seriously is he devouring that thing?

Day 310. Eliza and I finish Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Day 311. Charcoal, our big fat sweet kitty. Oh, and today marked our one year anniversary at Holly House.

Day 312. See the crusties around Jonas’s lips? This is post-devourage. Seriously, this month he never stops eating. I’m pretty sure that he downs more calories than me in a day. And I have the distinct advantage of getting to eat things like Oreos.

Day 313. Jake and Jonas. I like this picture because you can see Jonas’s bottom teeth. His 8th popped through on this day.

Day 314. We were featured in a Real Simple Gift Guide!

Day 315. Eliza and I make her school work scrapbook.

365 2011 Week 46

Day 316. We tried really hard to take a family photo because we were all not in pajamas at the same time (rare). We failed because of the harsh lighting and heavy wind, but I’m posting this anyway (sorry Jake).

Day 317. Eliza on the Constructive Playthings website.

Day 318. Jonas, eating again. And eating. And eating. And eating.

Day 319. Eliza scrapbooks while I scrapbook.

Day 320. We’re on MSN!

Day 321. Jonas hanging out with Uncle Nick. I love how his hair stands straight up.

Day 322. We usually use re-used boxes for our Etsy orders, but that’s not going to be possible this holiday season. The kids break in the new stack of boxes Jake brought home.

On this day we went to go see Jake’s Grandma, who passed away this weekend. The funeral is tomorrow. In the mist of all of this great stuff, it’s kind of been the worst Fall ever. She was an amazing woman and an amazing Grandmother and we will miss her so much.

That’s what’s been going on around here. What have you been up to?