365 2011 Week 42

Day 288. Eliza went to a neighborhood get-together. Some kids from Eliza’s school drove by to tell us about it: there are events in the park in our ‘hood so that the kids, who are spread out and go to different schools for the most part, can to get to know each other. The kids were supposed to put on their Halloween costumes, but we didn’t have E’s yet, so she grabbed a princess dress from her stash.

Day 289. We do a photo shoot for my September Reads post.

Day 290. Jonas keeps practicing his walking, usually with a toy in hand. (That’s Jake’s favorite of Jonas’s outfit. It says “Programmed 2 Love” on the front and “Beep Beep” on the bum.)

Day 291. Eliza gets a t-shirt for selling 20 raffle tickets for her school by the early bird deadline (blogged here). We go have dinner with Eliza’s best friend from school and her family for another school fundraiser.

Day 292. Jake’s sister Savannah comes over for help with Math homework. Man, it’s been a long time since I’ve used the Algebra 2 part of my brain.

Day 293. Eliza stays home from school sick with strep throat. She didn’t want to wake me up in the morning (I work part-time at night, so I sleep later than Eliza and Jake normally wake up), so she fed herself dry cereal. She’s so super sweet, but that’s kind of a parenting fail. We spent the day snuggling, though it was hard snuggling her and keeping her quarantined from Jonas at the same time.

Day 294. Jake and Nick (Jake’s brother, who lives with us) are hanging out in Nick’s room. They get on a You Tube roll, and I won’t see them forever. Hah!

***I was planning on catching up and doing three weeks at once, but one of our 365 photos is on somewhen else’s camera. Oops! We’ll be tracking it down this week in order to get caught up.