Today we went to the Red Barn Farm in Weston, MO. It’s a pretty long drive from the city out to the farm, but it is so worth it.

Red Barn Farm 2011

Because it’s more than a pumpkin patch – it’s a real farm with animals and everything. Which is awesome.

Farm Animals

Jonas spent most of the time trying to squirm away from me to get to touch the animals.

Jonas and the Goat

So he got so excited when we got to the goats, which were totally pettable. Eliza liked feeding them, but insisted on washing her hands immediately after the goat slobber fest was over. I never noticed how weird goat eyes are. Aren’t they weird? They kind of freak me out.


Jake digs all of the old farm equipment and signs.


Eliza went to the farm on a guided field trip during summer school, so she enjoyed acting as our tour guide. She told me all about the animals. She’s upset that the babies don’t get to stay with their mom and dad forever. She was afraid the little pigs would be lonely without their parents.

Looking for the perfect one

We spent a lot of time searching for the perfect one, but they were kind of picked over by the time we got there (not to mention this is probably the busiest weekend). Jonas was so excited to be surrounded by pumpkins. He’s in love with them (not sure why). He squealed and tried really hard to pull of the stems. Time of his life, I’m tellin’ ya.

Found It
We picked out baby pumpkins and decided to get our big carving pumpkin from the grocery store. I know, lame. But it will work out better this way.


P.S. My husband is dreamy.