My new mantra needs to be: Calorie coma will not crush sadness.

Calorie Coma

We lost someone we love this week. We don’t want to give any details to spare the family, but it has been hard.

And it took me a minute, but I realized that I’m totally trying to squash the sadness with the four items pictured above (Ben and Jerry’s Americone Dream / Peachwave Frozen Yogurt / Filling Station Latte / Almond M & Ms). I usually (unhealthily) deal with grief by shopping (it took me a minute to realize I was doing that after my grandma died), but our budget is tight. So instead, sugar. Because let’s face it: a latte is like a big warm hug. And I think girls are programmed somewhere along the way to think that ice cream and chocolate make it all better.

It doesn’t.

But it helps. A little.

What do you do to deal with grief? I’m finding snuggling the kids to be the most effective (healthy) thing so far.