With the 365 project, we’ve been taking way too many photos for me to layout the summer mini book like last summer’s (see the summer 2010 mini here). I’ve been kind of stuck with the project because I couldn’t decide what to include. Which photos will go into the seasonal books and which will have 12×12 layouts? Do I want a completed 365 project? I’ve been wondering what I’m going to do with all of the photos. I could make a giant canvas print collage at the end of the year (but do I really want one of those every year?). How much crossover should there be between my seasonal books, 12×12 layouts, and the eventual 365 project I’ll do? Do I really have time to scrap one photo three ways?

Dwelling on these topics made me realize that I’m making this too complicated. And complicated is one of my scrapbooking no-nos.

Here’s what I decided: the seasonal mini books should be my 365 project. I can scrap 90 photos super fast in them and most of the work is already done. I’ll save the 12×12 layouts for events/relationships/stories that need more than one photo or more than just a few sentences. But for now, I’m working with 3.5 inch x 2.5 inch 365 photos with a small journaling element for each day in the season.

I’m starting by printing out the photos. I’ve been making photo packages in Photoshop and printing them out on my computer. I can fit 10 days to on letter sized page:

Printing 356 Photos

Printing 356 Photos

Hopefully this will go super quick and I can work backwards to make a spring and a winter album (the winter album will start Jan 1 – I’ve got December covered with December Daily album.

I’m still keeping the finished pages that aren’t in the format I’m planning. I might turn the Eliza back to school pages into a 12×12 layout. Step one is just to finish printing out the photos. Then I’ll move on to making journaling spots.

Summer 2011 Mini

It feels good to have a plan and to be moving forward!

*I’ll also be starting my autumn book this week. I’ll probably work on that and finishing up the summer book simultaneously.