Week 38

Day 260. Jake takes senior photos for my sister Taylor.

Day 261. My best friend Harvey gets married! Lisa is amazing and they couldn’t be more perfect for each other. The day is crazy: I’m a groomsman, Eliza is a flower girl, and Jake is the photographer. Whew!

Day 262. I’m so excited it is Pumpkin Spice Coffee season.

Day 263. I forgot to take a photo other than this layout for the day. It’ll do (after all- scrapbooking is a big part of our lives too!)

Day 264. The leaves are falling, but it is still warm enough for flip flops!

Day 265. Poor Charcoal has a UTI. I take him to the vet (by myself. with Jonas. crazy.) and he goes insane. He acts like he wants to snuggle the doctor, then hisses and bats at him. I’ve never seen Charcoal be anything but sweet. Poor kitty.

Day 266. This moment captures Jonas looking up at the door when he hears Eliza coming home from school. When he realizes what is happening, he rushes the the door and squeals! And yes, those are snowman jammies. He probably won’t fit into them when there are actual snowmen about, so we’re getting some use out of them now.

Week 39

Day 267. We take future embarrassing photos of Jonas for a cloth diapers post.

Day 268. I photo my August Reads.

Day 269. We are in love with this Billie Holiday record. It has been playing non-stop.

Day 270. How cute is this dude? He loves it outside. (Oh, and I have a job interview).

Day 271. Jonas turns 9 months!

Day 272. Eliza looses her second tooth. The tooth fairy comes a day late (oops).

Day 273. We make carmel vanilla apples. So good (and fun!).

Week 40

Day 274. We go over to Harvey and Lisa’s for a fried food night. Harvey doesn’t diet on the weekends and they wanted to celebrate their cool deep fryer wedding gift. We feel like fat kids. Very happy fat kids. My sister Taylor watches the kids so the fried food night can be a double date.

Day 275. I make my favorite food: Chicken Tikka Masala. Tons of people end up coming over to eat it (Jake’s mom, sister Savannah, brother Nick, and Nick’s girlfriend Krista).

Day 276. I go to orientation for my new job, my mom watches Jonas.

Day 277. I go to my new job training (which was pretty much 8 hours of power point presentations and quizzes), Jake’s mom watches Jonas. Jonas digs his new high chair.

Day 278. I work my first day on night shift, Jessica comes to town. She stays with her parents the first few days, but we have coffee before I go to work because we can’t be in the same city for 24 hours without seeing each other.

Day 279. The night was kind of hectic. It’s been rough getting Eliza and Jonas fed, bathed, and read to in time for bed and me off to work without throwing other things into the mix, but tonight Jake’s sister Savanah came over for homework help. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to graph a parabola, folks. Whew. Jake and Jonas like to swing on the front porch when things get crazy.

Day 280. Jessica comes to stay! Jessica, Jonas and I take long walks in the perfect weather, get coffee at the Filling Station, and have lunch at Westport Flea Market. After Eliza got home, we went on another long walk to drop Jess off at a resturant to meet some other friends. Eliza, Jonas, and I stop for some Izzies on the walk back. We run into some kids from Eliza’s school on the walk home (yay! other kids!). Jessica and the whole Nest have dinner with Harvey and Lisa at Gates, one of the best barbecue joints in the city.

That’s what’s been up with us! What have you been doing?