Week 41

Day 281. Jessica is still in town (we had an awesome tea date at Tea Drops sans kids)! We go to baby Nathan’s baptism.

Day 282. We spend the whole day hanging with Jessica. We went to the City Market in the morning with Eliza and had Grinders for lunch. We then hung out at the house, relaxed and made dinner.

Day 283. Jessica had to go back to Denver. For some reason, I didn’t get another photo of her. But I did get a photo of the epic 7 vegetable couscous we made.

Day 284. Eliza and I cut up a pumpkin! This isn’t our “official” pumpkin (we’ll get that from a pumpkin patch), but we couldn’t wait to make roasted pumpkin seeds!

Day 285. Eliza plays with Jonas’s wood camera teether (from Little Sapling Toys).

Day 286. Jonas takes his first steps. Jake had a huge event at work today. It was at a soccer stadium. They gave the whole company vuvuzelas. How much fun does that sound?

Day 287. Jake had the day off, which was fun. We spent the whole day doing errands though, which he didn’t love so much. My uniform shirt for my new job has to be the least flattering thing ever.

That’s what we’ve been up to. What have you been doing?