Sometimes thrifty finds seem good to be true. Also, sometimes they pop up in places you wouldn’t expect. It’s no secret that we love books around here. They’re taking over the house, really. We have way more books than bookshelf space. But this find was irresistible.

Vintage Children's Book Stack

How much do you think this stack of super pretty vintage children’s classics set me back? Hint: they would easily run you over $100 on Etsy. (For this reason, we seriously tried to talk ourselves into putting these into our shop, but we couldn’t do it.)

Vintage Children's Book Stack

That was a trick hint. These were marked $5.00!!!

“Surely, that means $5.00 each,” Jake said.

“It’s still a ridiculous deal,” I returned.

But when checkout time came, the whole set rang up as $5.00 TOTAL! And we had a 20% off coupon. Thrifty finds indeed.

But where did we find this amazing collection? Salvation Army? Goodwill?

Nope. We found them at the Half Price Books in our neighborhood. That’s right: we found one of our best scores ever at a chain used bookstore.

We’d like to reiterate one of our best thrifting/antiquing tips: look up. These books were on top of a bookshelf in (get this) the graphic novels section. You can find unexpected things on the top of bookshelves in bookstores and antique stores; there are sometimes even goodies hanging from the ceiling that you’d otherwise miss!

Covers: Alice in Wonderland and Heidi

We are so in love with this collection. Each of the covers are beautifully decorated.

Inside Cover

We also love that vintage books have character and history. These used to belong to a Ms. Nancy Barlow 🙂

Inside Cover

Even the inside covers are beautiful.

Alice in Wonderland

Each book has illustrations, some of them in color. Each book has a single color that predominates the spine and cover; the chapter titles are even in color.

Vintage Children's Book Stack

Here are the titles:

Alice and Wonderland
Through the Looking Glass
Little Men
Jack and Jill
The Little Lame Prince
Rip Van Winkle and Other Stories
Oliver Twist
Stories from Arabian Nights

I’ve read and loved most of these, and I hope the kids will love them too. We already have several of these titles, so we’ll be trading them in at our favorite bookstore, Prospero’s. Some of our collectible versions might even find their way into the shop!

Have you scored any great thrifty finds lately?