As we told you in this post and this post, we spent Labor Day weekend on a staycation. For the grand finale on Monday, we took it pretty easy. We bought and received this Opteka Collapsible Disc Reflector in the mail Saturday prior and thought a leisurely afternoon at Loose Park would be the perfect opportunity to use it.

Staycation Part 3: Loose Park

Jake had a heyday in the rose garden while I hung with the kids on the playground. (Side note: Eliza had her first porta-potty experience and was thoroughly freaked.) Jonas loved the swing and made friends with a pretty nine month old that could already walk(!). Eliza spent most of her time in the sand.

Staycation Part 3: Loose Park

Before the playground/rose garden action, we scoped out good photo spots around the pond, as Jake is taking portraits of friends and family next weekend at the park in order to raise money for the photography equipment we’re renting for Harvey & Lisa’s wedding.

Eliza was being goofy (and SUPER energetic) and Jonas was a little cranky at first, so everybody ended up being pretty irritated for a bit (just in case you think we’re all perfect all the time).

But that didn’t last long; we cheered up watching ducks and standing under weeping willows. We even saw a turtle swimming in the pond and – get this – two GIANT TWO FOOT LONG GOLDFISH. I tell no tales. There was a white one and a gold one, just visable swimming under the surface. Guess that means there’s no fishing allowed in the pond, otherwise those guys wouldn’t be so big.

Oh, and that expression on Jake’s face? It means, “You are doing this all wrong. Why don’t you just let me take a self portrait, you amateur?” LOL.

Jake ended up taking off Tuesday as well, which was spent in part by multiple (that’s right: multiple) visits to the DMV. They don’t make it easy to get a driver’s license in Missouri, that’s for sure. I’ll never complain about a Kansas DMV again. But that’s another story.

What do you like to do on your days off?